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Roam like home

  • Your business always stays connected regardless of the borders.
IoT tariffs abroad
with “Roam like home”
service for 30 days


0 uah


0 uah

3G S

350 uah

3G M

350 uah

3G L

350 uah


350 uah
Tariff rates after
using up package
Incoming and outgoing
calls inside the Vodafone
and other networks
20 uah/min 20 uah/min 20 uah/min 20 uah/min 20 uah/min 20 uah/min 20 uah/min
2G/3G Internet 250 MB 500 MB 500 MB 750 MB 10 uah/10 MB
SMS&MMS to all mobile networks and abroad 70 un. 150 un. 250 un. 400 un. 0,50 uah/un.

The indicated price becomes effective upon registration within Vodafone or in any other network in Poland or France.

To order the service, please use the Virtual Manager or contact the company’s manager.

To check the service packages in Ukraine and in Roaming, please use the Virtual Manager system or contact person, dedicated to the company. 

After reaching the package megabytes in the tariff, you will receive 10 packages more and the speed will be reduced to 8 Kbps;

After expiration of packages, the standard tariff conditions will be applied:

  • Incoming calls from all worlds’ networks – 3 UAH/min;​
  • Outgoing calls to Vodafone Ukraine networks – 20 UAH/min;
  • Mobile Internet – 2 UAH/MB;
  • SMS&MMS to all destinations – 0.50 UAH/unit;
  • Calls within other networks in Ukraine and Europe (countries of “Roam like home” service) – 20 UAH/min.​

European countries, where is supported “Roam like home” service

How to get the Vodafone IoT tariff in Europe:

  • Before going to Europe, please check the availability of the service in a country where you travel to;
  • Order the “Roam like home” service;
  • While being abroad, make sure that your device is registered in the Vodafone network or in any network in Poland and France.

Basic roaming rates

When “Roam like home” service is deactivated during registration within Vodafone (countries of Vodafone) or in any network in Poland and France, the following tariffs and rates are automatically connected:

Services Cost
Incoming calls 3 UAH/min
Calls on Vodafone Ukraine
numbers within Europe (countries of Vodafone)
20 UAH/min
Incoming data transfer via CSD technology 3 UAH/min
Outgoing data transfer via CSD technology 20 UAH/min
2G/3G Internet 30 UAH/MB
SMS&MMS to all directions 0,50 UAH/un.
Calls to other numbers in Ukraine 20 UAH/min
Calls rates to all other areas of the world 70 UAH/min

Under registration in all other networks or countries:

  • Incoming calls – 30 UAH/min;
  • Calls to all networks in Ukraine – 30 UAH/min;
  • Local calls to all networks of 16 European countries (countries of “Roam like home” service) and other world countries – 30 UAH/min;
  • Calls to all other directions – 70 UAH/min;
  • Mobile Internet – 60 UAH/MB;
  • SMS & MMS to all directions – 0,50 UAH/unit

+ 38 050 462 00 01 — customer support (free from Vodafone Ukraine in roaming).

Tariffs are stated in UAH including VAT and Pension fund tax in amount of 7.5% of service cost without VAT as of 01.10.2016.
The price of calls is stated for the first second of every minute of call. Minimum validity of tariff is 30 days starting from its subscription.  
For more detailed information on tariffs, promotions, prices and terms of service, please call: 
111 — free from Vodafone Ukraine mobile in Ukraine;
0800 400 111 — consultation on Vodafone Ukraine tariffs and services for the subscribers of other Ukrainian networks (free from any number in Ukraine).
PrJSC “VF UKRAINE”, 15 Leiptsyzka Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01601, #47 in the Registry of telecom operators and providers.