“Roaming, like home”
  • Available roaming services in 16 European countries
  • Service bundle for 30 days from 450 UAH
  • Voice bundle for incoming calls within
    the Vodafone Ukraine or MTS Ukraine networks
  • Up to 2 000 SMS
  • Up to15 GBof mobile Internet
Ukraine online
  • You will stay in touch with your business while roaming in Russia
  • Service bundle for 30 days from 500 UAH
  • 500 min for incoming calls
    within the Vodafone Ukraine or MTS Ukraine networks
  • 500 SMS
  • 500 MB of mobile Internet
Basic Tariffs Vodafone Roaming In countries “Roam like home” service In countries of «Ukraine on-line» service In other countries or networks
Incoming calls from other operators in the world 3 UAH/min 2 UAH/min 30 UAH/min
Calls in Vodafone Ukraine and MTS Ukraine network 3 UAH/min 2 UAH/min 30 UAH/min
Mobile Internet 30 UAH/100 МB 30 UAH/100 МB 30 UAH/100 МB
SMS&MMS to all networks 0,50 UAH/mess. 1,50 UAH/mess. 0,50 UAH/mess.
Calls to other networks in Ukraine 10 UAH/min 10 UAH/min 30 UAH/min
to Europe (countries "Roaming at home" service) 10 UAH/min 50 UAH/min 30 UAH/min
local calls
50 UAH/min
calls to other areas
countries of
«Ukraine on-line» service
50 UAH/min 10 UAH/min
Calls to other areas 50 UAH/min 50 UAH/min 50 UAH/min

Vodafone basic tariffs for roaming in countries of “Roam like home” service are available after registration: In France and Poland – in any network, in other countries – in Vodafone network.

Vodafone basic tariffs for roaming in countries of “Ukraine online” service are available after registration In in MTS network..

The speed of mobile Internet in roaming will be up to 8 Kbit/s. :

  • After the use of 1000 MB per day at any Vodafone tariff upon "Roam like home“ service deactivation in Vodafone network, Free Mobile in France or in any network in Poland.
  • After the use of 2 MB per day upon registration in all other networks.

Tariffs are stated in UAH including VAT and Pension fund tax in amount of 7.5% of service cost (ex VAT) as of 01.03.2017.
The price of calls is stated for the first second of every minute of call.
The minimum tariff validity — 30 days from the date of its activation.
For more information about tariffs, promotions, pricing and terms of service please call:
111 — Free for Vodafone customers in Ukraine;
0800 400 111 — consultation on tariffs and services for Vodafone customers and other operators in Ukraine (free within Ukraine).
Private Joint Stock Company "MTS UKRAINE" 01601, with its registered office at: 15, Leiptsyzka Street, Kyiv, 01601, Ukraine, Register of Telecommunications Operators and Providers, No. 47.