Advertising Manager

The “Advertising Manager” service will boost your Company’s online presence at the most popular Internet resources and help your business get discovered at any device by keeping track of your online presence from a single point on

Posting content about your company on the maps (Google, Yandex and Foursquare), in social media sites (Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter, Google+) and on YouTube, as well as the text ad about your goods and services on more than 50 most popular advertising panels of Ukraine will increase the awareness of your company and significantly simplify its search for potential and existing customers.

The “Advertising Manager” service is available for all subscribers of Vodafone Ukraine. 

How does the service work?

The “Advertising Manager” service is as simple as it sounds!

You tell us about your company, goods, services and pay for the placement of information via your Vodafone mobile number. The fee will be charged from your mobile account after sending the confirmation SMS with text “1” to the special short number. The cost depends on the “Advertising Manager” package you selected: S, M, L.

All information will be posted by our specialists. When your content is provided for its further posting, within one business day you will receive a report on comprehensive analysis of your Company’s online presence prepared by your Personal Service Manager.

How to activate the service:

  1. Leave the information about your goods or services on or call 848. 
  2. Choose the package and make a payment by sending SMS to a short number. 
  3. Receive a reply on the placement as well as incoming calls from the potential customers who are interested in your goods and services.

How much does the service cost

Standard ads placement
on partner websites,,,,,
Premium ads placement
on partner websites
“Advertising Manager”
catalogue,,, Advertising Manager”
catalogue,,,, Advertising Manager”
Company profile
and map markers placement
 - Foursquare Google, Yandex, Foursquare
Company profile and
advertising posts placement in social media
 - Twitter Google+, Facebook, VKontakte,
Company profile and
advertising video placement
 - YouTube YouTube
+ + +
1 month 99 UAH 199 UAH 399 UAH
3 months 249 UAH 499 UAH 999 UAH
6 months 469 UAH 949 UAH 1909 UAH
9 months 619 UAH 1249 UAH 2499 UAH
12 months 709 UAH 1429 UAH 2869 UAH
The service cost is indicated including VAT. The Pension fund tax is additionally charged in amount of 7.5% from the cost without VAT.

For more information about “Advertising Manager” service, please visit our website: or call to the number 848 (free with Vodafone mobile in Ukraine)