Our solutions for your business

Our solutions help you to optimize business processes in the company, to achieve: better operational skills, productive cooperation between employees, attract more customers.

By outsourcing support services you can focus on your main activity and provide the best service to your customers.

Create and develop your business on a solid solutions base from Vodafone.

Your business with Vodafone:

  • Grows,
  • Develops,
  • Wins.

1. Management Solutions for services and tariffs

Our solutions are aimed at simplifying communication, improving the satisfaction and productivity of your employees. You get the flexibility to control and manage your own corporate account with Vodafone.

Virtual Manager

It is 24/7 service (with no need for additional visits to our offices). The system of self-service allows you to control numbers; to receive the information about your account; to receive the information on the tariff plan and connected services; to activate/ deactivate the services and blockage; to create reports, invoices, specification; create and manage customer’s groups; to run simultaneously operations on several numbers.
Corporate Budget

Provides an opportunity to share responsibility for the communication expenses with your employees and enables them to benefit from any additional services for their own account.

2. High-speed data transfer 

Vodafone 3G network, providing the high data rate to 42 Mbit/s, meets the highest standards of quality and safety. Use high-speed mobile Internet or create your own corporate data network with the help of «CorpDATA», to provide the best experience to your customers.

3. M2M decision

Using mobile technology to develop new products and services, we can help you to get a real competitive advantage, to improve your business processes radically and to get new ideas from the customers to develop the productive relationships with them. Our portfolio includes a wide range of special M2M tariffs and M2M solutions, including creating private IP VPN networks through 3G/2G.

4. Communication with your customers

The modern business is under enormous pressure to maximize every opportunity for sales. Your expenses and investments should be balanced between the new customer’s attraction and the need to improve the brand loyalty for existing customers.

Business Mailing List

Is the effective and cheap way for personalized communication with your customers, which allows you to reach a large audience and to deliver the important information in short-time to the existing or potential customer with the help of mailing the SMS.

The advertising manager

Is a simple and convenient way to attract customers from the Internet without wasting time to create the site and to study the Internet advertising.

Corporate GOOD'OK

Is the service with the help of which you can inform your customers the useful information before the call. Instead of the usual beeps you can set the corporate melody, the information about your products and services, the promotional offers, any useful voice information.

5. Convergent solutions 

We cooperate with you to identify your unique IT needs, to improve productivity and reduce costs. We have a wide range of converged services. We also offer the of server equipment placement in your own latest data centers to help you being flexible and productive.

Data transmission Service 

We offer the data links building throughout Ukraine at the speed to 10Hbit/s of any complexity: from leased lines point to point, to complex topologies.

  Fixed telephony

Fixed telephony on isolated digital channels based on the own network, which enables your company office with telephone connection of high quality on favorable terms and with a set of additional innovative services.

6. Convergent decisions

There are many solutions in our portfolio: "Navigator", "Monitoring employees», «BlackBerry Enterprise Server 12", "Mobile acquiring" and etc. We can help you to overcome nowadays business challenges and to be ready for the future.

Different industries face different challenges. That is why we are developing our global communication solutions that your business had to cope with the unique demands of the industry.

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