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From today, Ukrainians will be able to become Vodafone customers. It's only enough to buy Vodafone starter pack, selecting appropriate range of services: Red S, Red M, or Red L. Any tariff pack includes 3G internet, unlimited voice communications in Vodafone networks and "MTS Ukraine", as well as calls, SMS and MMS to all networks in Ukraine and in 62 countries of the world.

"The first Ukrainian Vodafone tariffs comprise three principles. The first one includes the simple tariff that is easy to use. All the customer needs it is just insert SIM-card into your phone. The second principle is "all inclusive", any packs have all the necessary services to the customer. And the third, completely new for Ukraine, the principle of which does not share the world of communication into the countries, and allows you to use communication in Ukraine and 15 more countries of Europe on basic rates, as well as for calls to 62 countries around the world", - the marketing director of Vodafone Ukraine, Oleg Reshetin said.

To connect to any of the selected tariff is free of charge, the monthly cost of the services, depending on the chosen pack, will be 30, 50 or 90 UAH. The higher is the monthly rate of the pack, the greater is the range of services the customer receives. To activate the tariff pack, it is enough to make the first call. The selected range of services can be increased at any time just paying the difference between the packs. 

The Ukrainian tariffs Vodafone include sufficient amounts of 3G Internet - from 500MB to 5GB, the customers of Red M and Red L tariffs will have the opportunity to of the unlimited access to the popular social networks and instant messaging applications - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Viber and WhatsApp.

Ukrainian Vodafone customers can use the available communication services in Europe, thanks to the roaming service "Feel At Home." The service provides access to the unlimited calls between Ukrainian customers of Vodafone and "MTS Ukraine". 

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You can purchase Vodafone starter packs in "MTS Ukraine" stores within Ukraine