Vodafone launched 3G in Mariupol and provided to residents 12 GB

Ukraine Vodafone provided 3G coverage in Mariupol. 27 APR 3G network operator entered into commercial operation. Vodafone also provides 12 GB of high-speed Internet at no additional cost and connections to residents who use pre-paid connection of Vodafone for at least three months.

Since April 27, 2017, the operator shall provide subscribers get 3 more gigabytes of high-speed 3G for four months. A larger volume of quality daily Internet without speed limits and no extra payment will be available automatically, regardless of the tariff plan. With the additional GB from Vodafone they can not limit yourself: the Internet supply will be enough for watching videos, communication in social networks, streaming music and online games.

Vodafone continues to invest in infrastructure development in the East of the country. This spring 3G network of Vodafone appeared in Kramatorsk and Slavyansk, and in the coming months 3G from Vodafone will work in the other cities East of the country. Detailed information of 3G coverage is available on Vodafone.ua.