Vodafone has opened a smart tourist route in Cherkasy

Route Cherkasya Tour of Cherkasy now you can make your own free - Vodafone has launched the city's online travel itinerary "Cruise path". Trail in Cherkasy became the sixth on the map of innovative urban routes Vodafone Smart Routes. The project is based on the use of high-speed mobile Internet, helps to develop the tourist attraction and infrastructure of Ukrainian cities.

the Route unites 14 of the most interesting locations of the city: Cathedral square, Letichevsky and "Children's Park" stele "Heavenly hundred", Cherkasy regional Museum, the Hill of Glory, the Park "Valley of Roses", the First Ministerial school for boys, square Would. Khmelnitsky, apartment house Lysak-Garkavenko and the house Lysak, Home Balachova, Cybulski and Teverovsky, Blue Palace hotel "slov'yanochka Jansky", Public Bank, Cherkasy art Museum, the estate Shcherbina and "House of the Forester".

a Symbol of Cherkasy route was the gull-know-it-all. The total length of the "Winged trails" is 4.7 km away, it can take 2-3 hours.

How to use the route
The "smart" route in Cherkasy laid with the arrows and the special signs with QR-codes, symbols and numbers locations. Signs with QR codes on the route are installed directly next to monuments, and the arrows point the way to the next location.

while QR code with your smartphone or tablet a person gets to the page with a detailed description and photo of the nearest historical or cultural object, square, house, monument. Description minutes added links to the detailed city map, indicating the locations where other QR plates.

the advice from Vodafone:
Visit the Vodafone shop at. Cherkassy, Boulevard Shevchenko, 244 paper guide "Cruise path" with description of the route and locations.