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Roam like home

Roaming, like home

Avialable roaming in Europe with “Roaming, like at home” service on Vodafone Red S, M, L and Vodafone Device M, L tariffs

Congratulations on your visa-free travel! The cost of "Roam like home" service is halved! During the period from 11 June to 11 July 2017, the customers of Vodafone RED and Vodafone Device M,L tariffs can order "Roam like home" with a 50% discount.
Vodafone tariffs in Europe
(countries of service “Roaming, like home”)
“Roaming, like home” service for 7 days
Red S
Red M
Red L
Device M, L
Standart cost for "Roam like home" service 120 UAH 180 UAH 360 UAH 200 UAH
Special offer for "Roam like home" service 60 UAH 90 UAH 180 UAH 100 UAH
Incoming calls from any worlds operators 100 min 140 min 300 min Base tariffs
Calls in Vodafone Ukraine and MTS Ukraine network
Mobile Internet 120 MB 180 MB 360 MB 600 МВ
SMS&MMS to all networks to Ukraine and Europe
(countries of service “Roaming, like home)
100 mess. 140 mess. 300 mess. Base tariffs
Calls to other networks 10 UAH/min 10 UAH/min 10 UAH/min
Calls to another networks 50 UAH/min 50 UAH/min 50 UAH/min

Please note that "Roam like home" service with a 50% discount can be ordered only once during the promotion period from 11 June to 11 July 2017.

To order the service "Roaming, like home" for 7 days
Verification of the service bundles "Roaming, like home" To check the cost of the service "Roaming, like home"
*600# *600*1# *600*2#

After ordering You will be charged new amount of services for 7 days depending on the tariff bundle that, is spent just in roaming – in countries of service “Roaming, like at home” operates in 16 European countries:

“Roaming, like at home” service in France the service in SFR, in Poland – in any network, in other countries - in Vodafone network. If the tariff is changed between Red S, M, L and Vodafone Device M, L "Roaming, like at home" service will be disabled.

European countries, where is supported “Roam like home” service

After the end of the bundle or when the service is turned off in countries, "Roam like home" will have the following tariffication:

Tariffs The cost in case of use
Incoming calls from any worlds operators 2 UAH/min
Outgoing calls to Vodafone Ukraine networks 2 UAH/min
Calls to other networks in Ukraine, and in Europe
(countries of service "Roam like home")
10 UAH/min
Mobile Internet 35 UAH/100 МB
SMS&MMS to all ways 1,50 UAH/unit
Calls to all other ways of the world 50 UAH/min

Special tariffication operates in 16 European countries: in France in SFR network, in Poland – in any network in other countries – in Vodafone network.

When registering in other networks or countries will act basic conditions.

The bandwidth of mobile Internet will be 8 Kbit/sec after using up 1000 MB during 7 days exceeding packages scope in Vodafone Red S, M, L and Vodafone Device M, L with “Roaming like at home” service subscribed, after using up 100 MB in any Vodafone tariff with “Roaming like at home” service unsubscribed in Vodafone network, Free Mobile in France, MTS in Russia or any network in Poland and after using up 2 MB per day when registering in any other networks. The subscriber is notified on the usage of package MB via SMS.

The tariffs are specified in UAH including VAT and Pension Fund tax, which is 7,5% of the services cost without VAT, as of 01.03.2017.
The price of calls is stated for the first second of every minute of call, including each successive second of specified minute within conversation. Call rates are charged per first second of each minute.
The minimum tariff validity period is - 30 days from the date of its introduction.
ore detailed information about tariffs, promotions, cost and terms of service can be obtained by phone:
111 — free for mobile Vodafone Ukraine in Ukraine;
0800 400 111 — consultation on tariffs and services Vodafone Ukraine for subscribers of other Ukrainian operators (free for any number in Ukraine).
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