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Use “Funds on Demand„ service

Even if there is no money on your account, you can stay in touch with "Funds on Demand" service. After ordering this service, you will receive a mobile services pack with the amount in 20 UAH with limited period of use, regardless of the balance on your account.

1. Connect

Send the SMS of any content to the number 5010 (free of charge).

If there is less then 0.02 UAH on the account, while ordering the service, the pack for 20 UAH will be activated on the main account, otherwise the pack will be connected to additional account.

2. Utilize

The pack connected to additional account can be used for:

  • calls and SMS to customers within Ukraine
  • data services

Also for subscribers of Vodafone tariff plans:

  • international services
  • roaming services
  • periodic payments

The pack connected to additional account cannot be used for content service payments.

The pack connected to the main account is used according to the list of services provided by the operator.

For more detailed information about using of the pack service in your tariff plan, please, refer to the representative of the Customer Service Center by calling to 111  (free of charge).

3. Top-up

20 UAH and the fee for the service will be charged from your account after regular top-up.

In case top-up amount is insufficient to fully cover the charge for the service, 50% of the recharge will be withdrawn. Mandatory daily/monthly payments after top-up provided by the terms of Your tariff plan occurs earlier than Funds on demand charges

Top-up amount
How will the charge be withdrawn?
More than 23 UAH or more to pay for the service amount, sufficient to pay for the service
Less than 23 UAH or less to pay for the service
50% from the recharge

4. Order

The next order of "Funds on Demand" service is possible after full service charge for the previous order is withdrawn.The service charge is 3 UAH (including VAT and PF in the amount of 7.5% from the service value excluding VAT).

Frequently asked questions

How will the charge be withdrawn from the account?
  • Example #1.
    The customer ordered the service "Funds on Demand"on May 19. After the next recharge in the amount of 25 UAH on May 20, 23 UAH will be withdrawn from the customer’s account.
  • Example #2.On May 19 the customer ordered "Funds on Demand". The next time they refill on May 20 in the amount of 10 UAH and 5 UAH will be withdrawn from the account for the service. On May 20 the customer should pay 18 UAH (23 UAH- 5 grn) for the service. On May 30 the customer charges the account for 8 UAH, and 4 UAH will be withdrawn for the service. On May 30 the customer should pay 14 UAH for the service (UAH 18-4hrn).
  • Example #3.
    At the time of the next top-up the customer has to pay 15 UAH per "Funds on Demand" service. The customer recharges the account for 20 UAH, and 15 UAH from which is withdrawn for the service and the customer may re-order the service.
Who can use the service?
"Funds on Demand" service is available to all Prepaid customer that use the company services for more than 3 months and monthly expenditure for the last month is more than 10 UAH.
How to check the income to the account?
To check the main account, please dial *101#, to check the additional account, dial *101*10#.

How long can I use the funds?

The main service pack validity is 2 calendar months, for the additional account, it is 30 days from the funds accrual.