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With GOOD'OK service, you can choose and set melodies or phrases that will be played instead of the usual monotonous signals when people call your number. Instead, they will hear the melody that you chose (melody meaning a fragment of music audio track with or without lyrics, or jokes, skits, audio greetings, etc.).

GOOD'OK website offers you thousands of popular tunes, hilarious jokes, fragments of soundtracks from movies and cartoons, and voices of famous people.

GOOD'OK service is very convenient and simple: you can use it on any model of a cellphone without any additional settings. All subscribers of Vodafone Ukraine can use GOOD'OK service.

You can order a melody:

  • by calling the short number 700
  • by sending the code of the desired track in an SMS to the number 700
  • ordering a melody in the Personal Area on the site goodok.vodafone.ua
  • installing the mobile application GOOD`OK on your smartphone, available on the Play Market and the App Store

In addition, with the help of GOOD'OK service the subscribers of Vodafone Ukraine can give other subscribers of Vodafone Ukraine melodies or jokes, which will replace the standard connection signals!

How to setup?

The user of GOOD'OK service can set the following rules for playing music or a sound effect:

  • For all or for a single caller.
  • For a group of friends or colleagues.
  • For a certain day.
  • For a certain time of day or night.

To set the above rules, you need to dial 700 and use the voice menu, or apply changes in "My melodies" section of the website.

How to use the service?

Connecting the GOOD'OK service is free and is done automatically after the first order of a melody.

You can order a melody by calling the short number 700 or by sending the code of the desired track in an SMS to the number 700.

After ordering the first melody, you will automatically connect the GOOD'OK service.

In addition, the first melody you ordered in your account is automatically set to play for all incoming calls.

To remove the GOOD'OK melody you've set up, you need to do one of the following:

  • Send the command ENDХХХХХХХХ in an SMS to the number 700, where ХХХХХХХХ is the code of the melody. You can find the code of the melody in your account or in "My melodies" section of GOOD'OK website.
  • Dial 700 and delete the melody in the section "My Account".
  • Through "My melodies" section of GOOD'OK website.

Password to access "My melodies" section and control the GOOD'OK service on the GOOD'OK website is provided for you in an SMS from the number 700 when connecting the GOOD'OK service. If you forget your password, you can restore it via GOOD'OK website.

To send a request to disable the GOOD'OK service, you need to do one of the following:

  • Send the command "off" in an SMS to the number 700
  • Dial 700 and choose "Disabling the GOOD'OK service" section in the voice menu.

When the GOOD'OK service is disabled, all your GOOD'OK melodies will be removed from your account. After disconnecting the GOOD'OK service, the signal for all incoming calls will be set to standard connection tones. GOOD'OK service is disconnected within 24 hours after the request for disabling was placed.


Depending on the tariff set for GOOD'OK melody, the cost of the melody order is one of the following: 0.10 UAH, 0.25 UAH, 0.30 UAH, 0.50 UAH, 1 UAH, 2 UAH, 3 UAH, 5 UAH, 7 UAH, 9 UAH, 11 UAH, or 12 UAH (with VAT, without PF).

The payment for the ordered tunes for the next period of use is carried out in accordance with their cost. The payment is charged automatically according to the specified period of the melody up to the manual removal of the melody. If your account has insufficient funds to purchase or extend GOOD'OK for full period, your account will be charged 1 UAH (with VAT, without PF), irrespective of the cost of the melody for a period of 1 day. If later, after the recharge, your account has enough funds, the ordered melody will be extended for the full period for the full cost up to the manual removal.

You can learn the period of validity of your tunes by calling the number 700, in the "My Account" section. The subscriber can refuse to renew the melody and order a new one for the next period. The cost of a call to the number 700 is 0.10 UAH per minute, charging starts from the 13th second of the call.

All prices are stated including VAT and Pension fund tax in amount of 7.5% of service cost without VAT. Sending an SMS to the number 700 is free of charge.

For subscribers in roaming, additional fees apply for sending SMS-messages in roaming according to the roaming tariff zone.

Terms of service:

  • A subscriber who makes a call will hear the melody only if the destination subscriber is available and free.
  • The music is always played prior to the actual answer, so the time of playback is not charged. In accordance with existing standards, the call is charged only after the destination subscriber answers.
  • If a subscriber (the subscriber of the service) is busy or unavailable, the melody will not be played: the caller will hear standard signals indicating the subscriber's status ("busy" beeps or answerphone announcing that subscriber is unavailable).
  • The service is guaranteed only for incoming calls of subscribers of all Vodafone Ukraine tariff plans.
  • The provider is entitled to set a different period of use for melodies, notifying the subscribers.

Copying the melody?

Heard a melody you like? Copy it for yourself! To do this, you can dial 700 (the call is possible only in Vodafone Ukraine network), find out what melody is set for the subscriber you called, and order the same one for yourself. To set the melody that you've heard via another subscriber, follow the voice instructions on number 700 or visit the "Copy the melody" section of GOOD'OK website.

How to give a melody to someone?

To give a melody via SMS, you need to:

  • Select the desired melody from the Catalog on GOOD'OK website and find its code
  • Send an SMS-message to number 700 in the following format: presentXXXXXXXX <space> subscriber’s phone number, where XXXXXXXX is an eight-digit code of the melody; subscriber’s phone number is entered in the format 38 <three-digit provider code> <seven digits of the number>; <three-digit provider code> is one of the following codes: 050, 066, 099, 095
  • Example of an SMS-message to the number 700: present00100001 380501001111.

Gifting a melody through voice service at number 700:

  • Dial 700 and select the corresponding section in the main menu: "Gifting and copying of melodies"
  • Following the voice menu, select the desired melody and enter the phone number of the subscriber to whom you want to give the selected melody. The number of the subscriber is entered in following format: enter 38, next enter the three-digit provider code and seven digits of the number.

An SMS-message about the gift will be sent to the phone number of the subscriber, for whom you’ve ordered the melody as a gift.

The cost of the melody that’s bought as a gift for another subscriber of Vodafone Ukraine is paid by the subscriber who orders such gift. The cost of the melody is paid only after the gift has been received within 24 hours by the subscriber for whom the gift was intended. The subscriber who accepts the gift should send an SMS-confirmation to the number 700 in the format: yes <confirmation code>. To refuse a gift, the subscriber should send an SMS-message to the number 700 in the format: no <rejection code>.

The cost of the melody as a present is equal to the cost of a regular melody order depending on the selected song. You can always check the cost of the melody in the catalog on GOOD'OK website.

Service is only available for subscribers who have connected GOOD'OK service. Subscribers without GOOD'OK service need to make the first order of any GOOD'OK melody and connect GOOD'OK service free of charge, after that the gifting of any melody from GOOD'OK catalog will be available.

Special offer "Happy Hours" — melodies at a reduced price:

During the period of "Happy Hours" promo offer, subscribers can purchase a melody at a reduced price. The cost of any melody ordered through the service will be UAH 1.00 (with VAT and PF). The melody will be activated for the standard validity period. Extending the use of the melody bought during the special offer period will cost the full price of the melody, according to its standard tariff.

You can use the special offer through:

  • Websites of the service: goodok.vodafone.ua, m.goodok.vodafone.ua
  • IVR of the service: 770, 700;
  • Sending the code of the melody 001ХХХХХ in SMS to the number 700. The melodies with the code that does not start with 001ХХХХХ are not part of the promo offer.

Copying and Gifting of the melodies during the special offer period is carried out according to the standard cost of melodies.

Getting a free melody in the Secret Section through the voice service at number 700:

When ordering any paid melody from any section by dialing 700, the subscriber gains access to the secret section, the genre of which corresponds to the genre of the paid melody that has been ordered.

The subscriber can choose any melody from this secret section for free for 7 days.

The subscriber will have access to the secret section and its corresponding sections as many times as how many paid melodies he will order by dialing 700.

If the connection was interrupted before the subscriber could receive his free melody, the ability to get it is saved until the next call to the number 700.

Voice offer from GOOD`OK service:

With an incoming call from the number 345, the subscriber listens the offer from GOOD`OK service and using the voice menu can set himself a hit melody that will sound instead of monotone beeps.
Pay for an incoming call from number 345 is not charged.
Available for any model of mobile phone without additional settings. The call is possible only if it is in the network of PrJSC "VF Ukraine"
The cost of ordering a melody is free for the first 7 days, then 3 UAH. with VAT without PF for every 7 days before self-denial.