Select your own ringback tones with GOOD'OK. Instead of the standard regular signal, people calling you can listen to melodies or sound effects of your choice while waiting for you to answer.

The GOOD'OK site offers you thousands of your favorite tracks, hilarious jokes, quotes from your favourite movies and cartoons, and celebrity voices.

GOOD'OK is convenient, simple and works with any model phone without setting any complicated settings. All Vodafone customers can take any advantage of the GOOD'OK service. Simply call 700, or text the melody-code for your selected track to 700.

You can also use GOOD'OK to send personalised ringback tones as a gift to friends and family who are Vodafone customers. 

How to set

GOOD'OK service users can set the ringback tones playback for:

  • everyone or for a specific caller;
  • a group of friends or colleagues;
  • a particular day;
  • a certain time of a day.

These settings can be changed through the voice menu options when calling 700, or can be set under the “Personal Album” section on the website.

How to use

You can order your desired melody by calling 700, or texting the melody-code to 700.

Activation is free of charge and automatic after your first order.

Your first order will be automatically added to your “Personal Album” and set to play for all incoming calls.

You can cancel any GOOD'OK ringback tone at any time by:

  • Text “ENDХХХХХХХХ” to number 700, where XXXXXXXX is melody-code;
  • Call 700 and selecting “Delete melody” from the “Personal Album” section (option 4 from the main menu;
  • Under the " Personal Album " section on the website.

You will receive the password to manage your “Personal Album” on the GOOD'OK website via SMS from the number 700. If you forget your password, you can reset it via the site.

You can deactivate the GOOD'OK service at any time by:

  • Texting “DEACTIVATE” to the number 700;
  • Calling 700 and selecting “Deactivate GOOD'OK service”.

When the GOOD'OK service is canceled all melodies from your “Personal Album” will be deleted. After deactivation, all ringback signals will be reset to default sound settings. GOOD'OK service will be deactivated within 24 hours of the deactivation request. 

How to copy a melody 

Heard interesting melody while dialing someone else? Then copy it to your phone! To do this, simply call 700  and to find the track you heard and order it for yourself. To install, follow the voice instructions or visit the GOOD’OK website.

How to gift a melody

To gift a melody to another customer via SMS:

  • Look up the melody-code for the desired track from catalog via GOOD'OK;
  • Text “GIFTХХХХХХХХ ,” to number 700, where XXXXXXXX is melody-code. The target phone number should be entered in the format 38 . For example: GIFT00100001 380501001111.

To gift a melody to another customer via voice call to 700:

  • Call 700 and select "Gifting and copying melodies" from the voice menu; 
  • Follow the prompts to select the desired melody and enter the number of the person you wish to gift the selected melody. The target phone number should be entered in the format 38 . You will receive confirmation of this purchase via SMS.

The customer sending the ringback tone will be charged for the gift, not the recipient. The price of the gifted melody will be charged within a 24 hour period of the recipient accepted by the gift. To accept the recipient should reply to the SMS confirmation from 700: yes. To decline the gift, the subscriber has to send the SMS to the number 700 in the following format: no.

Gift pricing for is the same as standard pricing for GOOD’OK ringback tones and varies depending on the melody selected. Individual track pricing information can be found in the “Tunes Catalogue” section of the GOOD’OK website.

This service is available only to customers who have activated the GOOD’OK service. Customers who have not activated the service will first need to order any GOOD’OK track, which will automatically activate the service. Following this, the option to gift tracks to other customers will become available.


Rates for ringback tones on GOOD'OK vary depending on selection. Melodies may be priced at any of the following rates: 0.10, 0.25, 0.30, 0.50, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 or 12 UAH.

Payment for ringback tones ordered for the next usage period will be charged according to their price and will be made automatically according to the availability period of the tone set by the customer, until cancelled. In the case of insufficient available credit to purchase or renew GOOD'OK for the full availability period, your account will be charged 1 UAH in addition to the price of the selected tone, for a period of 1 days. Once the account balance is recredited, the selected tone will be made available for the whole period at the full listed price until cancelled by the subscriber. 

You can learn the terms of availability for your tones in the “Personal Album” section by calling the number 700. Customers may cancel the renewal of any tone and order a new tone for the next billing period. Calls to the number 700 will be charged 0.10 UAH/min, beginning from 13 seconds into the call.

SMS messages to the number 700 will not be charged. Customers in roaming areas, may be charged additionally operator roaming fees for sending SMS messages according to the roaming zone tariff. 

All prices detailed include VAT, but exclude 7.5% pension tax.

Special offer «Happy Hours» - tunes for a reduced rates:

In the period of the promotional offer «Happy Hours» subscribers can buy the melody at a reduced price. The cost of melodies ordered through GOOD`OK services will be 1.06 UAH. Melody will be active during the default period. Ringtones renew during the period of promotions held at full price melodies according to standard period of charging.

Storefronts service order, which provides connection tunes during the period of promotional offer for a discounted price

Copying and Gifting tunes during the period of promotional offers made by the standard melodies cost. The cost of ringtones renew copying and gifting have been made in the period of Happy Hours - according to the standard cost of ringtones and their period.

Terms of service

  • Ringback tones will only be played for the caller if the call recipient is available and not engaged. If the recipient is unavailable or engaged, the caller will hear standard signals indicating this unavailable/engaged status.
  • Ringback tones will always play before the call is answered; however if the call is not answered no charge will apply.
  • This service can only be guaranteed when both the caller and call recipient are customers of Vodafone or MTS.
  • The operator maintains the right to alter the term of use, so long as customers are notified of these changes.