0 800 400 111, 0 800 400 007

Use “Super Number Identifier” Service

The service allows you to identify the numbers of all subscribers calling you even if they use Calling Line ID Restriction Service.

Activation charge - 107 UAH

Service fee – 1,10 UAH per day

Service activation Service deactivation
or send SMS
to the number 3410
or send SMS
to the number 3411

The service deactivation is free of charge.

Please note that the service re-activation will be chargeable after its deactivation.

Special characteristics of the service

  • When the service is successfully activated, all incoming calls will be displayed on your phone in an international standard format or in a form of a name as it is listed in your phone book,  in online mode. 
  • The service works correctly if the incoming and outgoing calls are within the Vodafone network. The numbers within other networks as well as numbers in roaming will not be guaranteed for their identification. 
  • If there are not enough funds on your account, the service will be automatically deactivated for a time and the daily fee won’t be charged for a service. The service will be automatically activated after top-up.

Please be aware that some cell phones are not compatible with Super Number Identifier service. The service is not available on the following mobile phones: Acer S120, Fly E300, LG E400, LG GM200, LG P500, LG P970, Nokia 1200, Nokia 1202, Nokia 1208, Nokia 1209, Nokia 1650, Philips 598, Samsung B600, Samsung C6712, Samsung D500, Samsung D600, Samsung D800, Samsung D820, Samsung D840, Samsung D900, Samsung E1232B, Samsung E210, Samsung E350, Samsung E370, Samsung E380, Samsung E390, Samsung E480, Samsung E530, Samsung E570, Samsung E630, Samsung E700, Samsung E730, Samsung E760, Samsung E790, Samsung E820, Samsung E840, Samsung I8130, Samsung L700, Samsung L840, Samsung S5230, Samsung S5230W, Samsung S5233T, Samsung S5610, Samsung S7562, Samsung SGH-C230, Samsung SGH-X520, Samsung U-300, Samsung X450, Samsung X670, Samsung X70, Samsung X820, Samsung Е720, Samsung С110, Siemens CX1, Siemens ST6, Siemens ST60, Sony Ericsson K790i, Sony Ericsson W510i, Sony Ericsson К610i, T-Mobile MDA Compact II, all HTC models, as well as some models of personal digital assistances.

Incoming calls with Super Number Identifier service activated on the above mentioned models will not be identified.