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Simple and convenient way to read your favorite books directly on your device.

Read the works of favorite writers anywhere and discover new books, form your own bookshelf and use other functions via the application Vodafone Books. Here You will find books of various genres: fiction, action movies, business books, fiction, romance novels, adventure, children's books, science and education, reference, religion, humor, art, contemporary fiction, fantasy, detectives and many other literary works.A large library will always be at your fingertips (book list is updated regularly. 
Have a nice read.

How to use

  • Download the app on your smartphone or tablet, also you can use a web-version at no charge for the traffic
  • To subscribe, send SMS with text "1" to the number 50010
  • Use the access of the three devices at no extra charge
  • Read downloaded books anytime, anywhere, even without access to the Internet
3G/2G Internet traffic is free on Ukraine territory while using Vodafone Books applications .

Subscription and payment

To connect Vodafone Books service, send an SMS with text "1" to the number 50010.

Cost of services 15 UAH / week. The service is provided on a subscription basis from the date of connection to self and disconnection.
The first 7 days of using are free.
To deactivate the service send an SMS with text "STOP" or «STOP» to the number 50010 (free of charge).

Subscription to the service Vodafone Books automatically renewed every 7 days deducted from account 15 UAH 7 days service. If the funds in the account of the subscriber not performed debited at the rate of 2.50 UAH subscription extended for 1 day. Cost of services Vodafone Books include VAT and tax. If you are using roaming Vodafone Books amount of data transferred additionally charged according to your tariff for "Mobile Internet in roaming". The service is available for use only on the territory of Ukraine. More information on pricing, cost and terms of service, please call 111 — free with Vodafone mobile in Ukraine.