Using Vodafone Music, you can listen to your favorite music whenever you want without Internet traffic fee!

Get 30 days free trial period for new users. More than 26 million music tracks always with you! Create your own playlists, download music for offline listening, get personal recommendations  — all this is available now with Vodafone.

How to use

Download Vodafone Music app via Google Play or Apple Store, or use web site Vodafone Music.

App is available on smartphones and tablets iOS and Android

  • Android: 4.0.3 or later
  • iOS: iOS 7.0 or later

Mobile internet traffic (2G and 3G) is free in Ukraine for Vodafone Music users.

The first 30 days of trial period using service are free of charge if you subscribe to the service for the first time. You can use it to learn more about basic functions of the application.

To activate send «1» in SMS to the number 70010.

For registration and authorization in the application, follow a few simple steps:

  1. Start Vodafone Music application and press the button “Enter"..
  2. Accept the user agreement and enter your phone number.
  3. Press the button “Get password” and get sms with your access password..
  4. Enter your phone number and password in application form..
  5. Access to the service is possible in Vodafone 3G network and via Wi-Fi..

Connection and payments

To activate Vodafone Music service please send “1” in SMS to the number 70010 (free of charge in Ukraine).

The service is provided on a subscription mode from the activation date to deactivation by subscriber. 

To deactivate the service please send "STOP" or «STOP» in SMS to the number 70010 (free of charge in Ukraine)

  • Service price is 2.5 UAH per day

Connect other devices to your account

You can use Vodafone Music app on three different devices from one account. To do this, just install the application on another device that supports Android OS or iOS. Enter the phone number to which the service is registered, and the password. Also you can use service via Vodafone Music web site

Subscription to the service Vodafone Music automatically renews every day deducting from account 2.5 UAH. Cost of services Vodafone Music includes VAT and Pension fund tax in amount 7.5% of service cost without VAT. If you are using Vodafone Music in roaming amount of data transferred additionally charges according to your tariff for "Mobile Internet in roaming". The service is available for use only in Ukraine. To get more information on pricing, costs and terms of service, please call 111 — free with Vodafone mobile in Ukraine.