0 800 400 111, 0 800 400 007

Receive voice messages even if your mobile phone is switched off or you can’t answer the call. You will be informed about the new voice message via SMS notification about the date and the number of the person who sent it, as well as about the number for quick access to the message.

Service control

Cost Activate Disable Checking the service status
FREE SMS with 1 to 284 SMS with 0 to 284 SMS with 2 to 284
*284*1# *284*0# *284#

Disabling of the service is free of charge. If you don’t use the service for 3 months, it might be disabled. In this case, activate the service again. Re-activation is free of charge.

To set up Voicemail service:

  • Set desired profile of call forwarding to Voicemail. 
  • Set up chosen forwarding to +380501200020. 
  • Simultaneously with Voicemail service activation, call forwarding is set up for all subscribers for cases when: the phone is switched off or there is no coverage signal, when the phone is busy or the subscriber is not answering. Configured call forwarding profile can be modified by the subscriber in the phone menu. 
  • In order to listen to received Voicemail messages, or to record personal greeting and to change the password for access to your personal Voicemail box, call +380501200000 or 284 from your mobile and follow the voice instructions.

For more details regarding the service, please refer to Voicemail Guide.

The cost of call to +380501200000 and 284 is defined by your rate plan in the Operator’s network.