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"Additional Gigabyte" Service

Connect the "Additional Gigabytes" service to all Vodafone RED, Vodafone RED2015, Vodafone RED EXTRA, Vodafone Light, Light + tariffs and use even more 3G speed Internet - 4 GB during the first 3 months from the moment of connecting the service.

An additional 4 GB of service is charged monthly from the date of connection of the service.

You can change your tariff for any other Vodafone RED XS, S, M, L or Vodafone Light, Light +, with the amount and duration of the connected services within the GB - remain unchanged.

Please note that this service is not available to Vodafone RED tariff subscribers who purchased and activated the starter pack from 30.05.2017 until 31.08.2017 for the duration of the action "+12 GB."

All information about Vodafone tariffs.

Tariffs are valid on the territory of Ukraine within the coverage of the operator's network.
Tariffs are indicated in UAH including VAT and Pension Fund, amounting to 7.5% of service cost excluding VAT, as of 01.09.2017.
The minimum validity period of the tariff is 30 days from the date of its introduction.
More detailed information about tariffs, promotions, cost and terms of service can be obtained by phone:
111 – free for mobile Vodafone Ukraine in Ukraine;
0800 400 111 – consultation on tariffs and services Vodafone Ukraine for subscribers of other Ukrainian operators (free for any number in Ukraine).
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