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Vodafone Red XL Postpaid — use now and pay after!

Dear Customers, from 23.12.2016 the list for calls, SMS&MMS abroad to 62 countries and cost per minute for some international destinations will be changed. More information

Tariffs Vodafone Red in Ukraine

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in Ukraine per month
Calls within Vodafone Ukraine
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, texts in Viber, WhatsApp
3G/2G Internet
Calls within other networks in Ukraine and abroad
SMS&MMS to all networks in Ukraine and abroad
XL 150 UAH Transparent cost of services over bundle
10 UAH
UAH per every
500 MB
150 min
0,50 UAH/min
including special conditions of tariff
150 units
0,50 UAH/unit

“Year without fees” service in Vodafone Red XL

Feel the freedom of communication with “Year without fees” service.
Save on monthly service package cost: pay in advance for a year and receive your monthly service package in tariff without additional payments during 12 months.

Service cost

To subscribe

Service status

1500 uah/year *110*365# *110*365*1#

The service is active for 365 days from the moment of activation.

The service fee is charged at the moment of activation.

While the “Year without fees” service is valid you don’t pay «Vodafone Red XL» monthly fee. If you change your tariff “Year without fees” service will be deactivated.

In Vodafone Red tariffs “Roam like home” service is available in which you can use 3G /2G Internet and other mobile services during 30 days. For more details: www.vodafone.ua/postpaid-roaming.

SMS to fixed numbers in Ukraine - 4.25 UAH/unit.

To check the tariff packs in Ukraine — *110*20#

After the monthly package expired, the standard tariff conditions will apply:

  • Mobile Internet — 10 UAH per every 500 MB (within 10 packages by the end of the month);
  • Calls and SMS&MMS to all Ukrainian networks and to 62 countries of the world — 0.50 UAH/min, SMS&MMS.

For calls abroad for a list of countries and areas apply special conditions.

How to subscribe to the Vodafone Red tariff:

  • Connect the Vodafone Red XL tariff with a new mobile number by visiting the nearest customer service representative Vodafone center (you should have a passport and identification code) or change free with your contract number from any Vodafone tariff or MTS Ukraine, dial * 550 * 150 #.
    Pay the transition cost of the pack and get a range of services, in proportion to the number of days remaining until the end of the month.

  • While changing MTS Ukraine tariffs in Vodafone Red XL all the connected services  that was ordered in previously tariff (except GOOD'OK, Click and services which provided on subscription) will be turned off.
    After changing the tariff on Vodafone Red return to MTS Ukraine tariffs is not possible.

Get discount — 500 UAH on your smartphone!

While connection to tariff Vodafone Red XL with new mobile number and signing of the additional agreement.

Mobile internet speed will be – up to 150 Kbit/s after using 12 GB per month in Red XL tariff.Unlimited access in Ukraine  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter with no traffic charge implies using the mobile version of the social networks —  m.facebook.com, instagram.com, mobile.twitter.com (using the mobile browser of a smartphone) or official applications of Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter for iOS and Android.  Unlimited offer within Viber and WhatsApp applications covers text messages. While using A-GPS (geolocation) in applications, downloading and following links to sites, which does not belong to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Viber and WhatsApp, and also while using proxy servers within a browser (e.g., Opera Mini) there is a possibility of downloading data from other sources, and charges will be mad according to the data plan. The Internet traffic which is generated when a smartphone is applying to A-GPS servers or to resources that do not belong to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Viber і WhatsApp is paid according to the conditions of your data plan. Voice and video calls within Viber and WhatsApp applications are paid according to the conditions of the data plan.

Tariffs are valid on the territory of Ukraine.
Tariffs in UAH including VAT and Pension Fund collection 7,5% from services’ price without VAT, on 17.05.2017.
Call rates are charged per first second of each minute.
The minimum tariff validity — 30 days.
For more information about tariffs, promotions, pricing and terms of service please call:
111 — Free for Vodafone customers in Ukraine;
0800 400 111 — consultation on tariffs and services for Vodafone customers and other operators in Ukraine (free within Ukraine).
Private Joint Stock Company "VF Ukraine" 01601, with its registered office at: 15, Leiptsyzka Street, Kyiv, 01601, Ukraine, Register of Telecommunications Operators and Providers, number 47.