0 800 400 111, 0 800 400 007
How to call from another country to the Customer Service Center?

+380 500 400 111 - support for subscribers in roaming (free for Vodafone Ukraine subscribers in any country in the world)

How to register your card?

Full information on the number of prepaid service is possible only for registered users. You can make registration by contacting the Vodafone Ukraine Sales and Service Center in Ukraine.
Members of the loyalty program can register their number to exchange bonuses for gifts from partners of the company.

«Quick connection with operator» service

A direct call to the Contact Center operator by dialing 555 without holding time. The cost of service activation is 10 UAH including VAT and Pension Fund tax in amount of 7,5% charged from the service cost without VAT. The service activation and cost charging will be made upon connection with an operator. The service will be valid within 24 hours from the moment of its activation.
When the service is activated, you will have an opportunity to contact the operator without holding time by dialing 555 and 111 an unlimited number of times within 24 hours, including the exact time of service activation.
«Quick connection with operator» service will be available to all subscriber of PrJSC “VF Ukraine” within 24 hours and only on the territory of Ukraine where there is network coverage of the operator.