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Vodafone Ukraine enters the fixed broadband market

Vodafone Ukraine announces its plans to enter the fixed broadband market. The company intends to acquire 99.99% of the shares of the Private Joint Stock Company Farlep-Invest, which operates under the Vega brand, as well as at least 95% of the authorized capital of CABLE TV-FINANCE LLC.

PJSC "Farlep-Invest" provides services of fixed access to the Internet and fixed telephone communication services. LLC "CABLE TV-FINANCE" provides services of fixed access to the Internet. Farlep-Invest PJSC and CABLE TV-FINANCE LLC own a frequency resource in the 2.3 GHz range (15 MHz in 6 regions), as well as in the 2.5-2.7 GHz range.

If the deal is closed, Vodafone Ukraine plans to continue carrying out the same types of economic activities as PJSC Farlep-Invest and LLC KABL TV-FINANCE have done it. The purpose of purchasing these companies for Vodafone Ukraine is to further develop the business in the field of telecommunications, in particular, fixed-line services.

This transaction will not lead to monopolization or any restriction of competition in the market, given that the shares of participants in the transaction in the markets involved are insignificant and the market is highly competitive.

 “Entering the fixed broadband market will be one of the strategic priorities for Vodafone for the next two years,” comments Olga Ustinova, CEO of Vodafone Ukraine. “We plan to provide converged services, since consumers want to receive all services – mobile communications, mobile and home Internet, television from one source with guaranteed quality and convenient Vodafone service, to which our customers are already accustomed.”

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