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Short Message Service is a service of sending and receiving short text messages, which allows you to communicate with your friends and acquaintances quickly and easily.

Sending SMS from phone to phone is the simplest way of using the service. Find “Messages” in your mobile phone menu, select “Create new”, type the desired text message, enter the recipient's number and press “Send”.

To send messages to mobile numbers you must enter the recipient's number in international format:

<+><"country code"><"operator’s code"><"phone number">

Check your phone settings, SMS center number should be set correctly:


The length of single SMS is 70 characters in Cyrillic and 160 characters in Latin script. You can send a text message longer than one SMS, the maximum length of SMS is limited by your phone.

You will receive SMS even if your phone had been switched off as long as the messages are stored for 3 days. SMS service is available to all subscribers. The cost of sending SMS within the operator’s network, to other Ukrainian mobile numbers and to foreign mobile numbers is defined by your rate plan.