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How to be our landlord?

Vodafone Ukraine offers cooperation on mutually beneficial terms.

Vodafone is constantly improving the quality of communication for its subscribers and therefore is interested in long-term lease of technological space for the installation of telecommunications equipment.

What objects are we interested in?

  • Land area of 3 * 3 m² comfortable access to object
  • Space technological purpose (non-residential buildings, attics)
  • Roof position ranging from 6 m²

Who can become our partner?

  • Land owners
  • Object owners

What equipment do we host?

Equipment for base stations 2G, 3G with an average power consumption of 4-6 kW. The equipment is certified, operates in automatic mode and does not require the constant presence of maintenance personnel. The equipment and the frequency range in which it operates does not interfere with the operation of other communication systems and does not affect human health, which is confirmed by the permits of the state sanitary and epidemiological service.

What are the advantages of partnership with us?

  • We are a conscientious tenant and guarantee the fulfillment of our obligations and financial conditions;
  • We fully undertake the construction and operation of the base station (BS), including the execution of all permits;
  • As part of the partnership, we provide discounts on communication services for corporate clients;
  • You will become a partner of Vodafone, an operator that operates in 80 countries of the world, and the installed base station will improve the quality of communication and data transmission within its range.

To become our landlord, please send to Rent_VFUkraine@vodafone.ua following information:

Contact details:

  • Name of the organization
  • Organization type (organizational and legal form)
  • Contact number
  • The contact person
  • Email

Object data:

  • Your city (Locality)
  • The number of objects that are offered for rent (one, several)
  • Address of the object
  • Object / objects type
  • If possible - geographic coordinates and height of the object / objects
  • Cooperation offer (monthly rental rate)
  • UAH per month
  • Comment
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