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Vodafone Ukraine is a leading Ukrainian mobile operator providing a wide range of services, including 3G and 4G data transmission, mobile voice communications, messaging, fixed internet and mobile TV. In Ukraine, Vodafone network serves 19,800,000 subscribers.

Vodafone is one of the world's largest telecommunications companies providing a wide range of services including mobile voice, data, messaging, fixed internet and cable TV. The operator operates in 25 countries, has partnerships with operators in 44 countries and provides fixed broadband Internet access services in 19 markets.

As of December 31, 2018, Vodafone provides services to about 700 million mobile subscribers and 21 million fixed internet users.

The history of the company


The first 5G networks in the world. In Ukraine, continued construction of 4G and the beginning of 5G tests.


Vodafone starts building 4G in Ukraine. The first launch of the 2.6 GHz network took place on March 30, and on July 1, the launch of the 1.8 GHz network began. At the end of 2018, almost 19 million Ukrainians got access to 4G from Vodafone. The geography of the coverage of the fourth generation network included 24 regions of Ukraine. It also launched its own retail network.


A whole range of technologically new services has been launched in Ukraine under the Vodafone brand, including services based on 3G technologies: Vodafone TV, Vodafone Books, Vodafone Pay.


Vodafone comes to Ukraine.


The company sells 45% of Verizon Wireless for £ 130bn and pays out £ 85bn to shareholders. Acquisition of operator Ono in Spain.


Acquisition of the German telecommunications company Kabel Deutschland.


The acquisition of Cable&Wireless Worldwide.


The sale of the shares which Vodafone owned French telecommunications company SFR.


The company sells its stake in China Mobile.


Group Vodacom becomes a subsidiary of Vodafone. The merger of Vodafone Australia and Hutchinson 3G Australia.


The agreement on a strategic non-equity partnership with MTS in Ukraine.


The acquisition of controlling package of shares of the company Vodafone Essar (Vodafone India).


Sale of Vodafone Japan and acquisition of Telsim (Vodafone Turkey).


Vodafone takes over the German diversified concern Mannesmannn AG.


Merger with AirTouch Communication, the largest US mobile operator, and founds Verizon Wireless.


The company is separating from Racal Electronics and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.


The company was founded as a subsidiary of Racal Electronics, the third largest firm in the UK called Racal Strategic Radio Limited.

Brand Vodafone

Brand Vodafone is estimated at $21.8 billion. This is the most expensive brand in the UK (according to the ranking Brand Finance 2017).

Official information about Vodafone can be found on www.vodafone.com

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