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Vodafone у 2020 році: прискорення й розвиток цифрових послуг

Vodafone in 2020: acceleration and development of digital services

Vodafone improved operating efficiency and key financials in 2020. The company’s revenue in 2020 exceeded UAH 18 billion. The company showed double-digit growth, increasing revenue by 14%. OIBDA growth by 18% to UAH 9.8 billion and OIBDA margin by 2.1 percentage points – up to 54.2% – indicate an increase in business efficiency.

The company’s subscriber base is stable – Vodafone serves 19 mln customers, there is 18% increase in the contract and corporate adds segments, as well as in connected IoT cards.

New lines of business have actively developed – revenues from big data increased by 81% over the year, the number of IoT connections – by 73% over last two years.

Despite the difficult economic situation, Vodafone has maintained the same level of investment in the development of the network. The company invested UAH 3.8 billion in 2020, increasing the number of base stations by 1.5 times over the year. In total, Vodafone's investments during the period of active construction of high-speed Internet networks in 2015 – 2020 exceeded UAH 28.8 billion.

The company has significantly increased the availability of high-speed Internet due to the development of national coverage in the LTE 900 MHz range, primarily in villages. At the end of 2020, 81% of Ukrainians could use 4G on the Vodafone network.

The rapid development of the network and limited offline activity associated with the pandemic have led to changes in the consumption of mobile Internet. Work and study, administrative services, communication – most areas of life have moved online. This has led to an increase in the popularity of digital products – for example, the number of My Vodafone self-service application users has increased by 25%. Overall, the number of date users on the Vodafone network reached 12.2 million in 2020, or 41% of data users in the database. 7.3 million customers use 4G Internet.

Vodafone also focuses on providing the network capacity sufficient for comfortable use. Thanks to investments in expanding coverage and LTE capacity resource, Vodafone has become the leader in terms of mobile Internet speed in Ukraine. This is confirmed by the results of an independent study by Ookla in the second half of 2020.

«In 2020, we paid special attention to combating the digital divide in the country and ensuring equal access to modern technologies and digital services for all. Today we are focusing not only on the introduction of new technologies, but also on how these technologies will affect people, the environment, overcoming the difficulties that our planet is facing today, – says Olga Ustinova, CEO of Vodafone Ukraine. – The number and speed of technological shifts are changing the quality of our life today. Together with our customers and partners, with the help of our technologies, we can accelerate our common progress».

In 2020, the company launched a number of digital services and platforms to meet the growing demand and lay the ground for qualitative changes:

- Network for the Internet of Things based on NB-IoT technology;

- Connectivity platform based on the global IoT platform Vodafone, the global IoT leader;

- eSIM on the Vodafone network;

- Omnibulk-channel Messaging platform for targeted mailing of millions of messages in a few clicks through different channels: via SMS, Push notifications, Viber, FB-messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, e-mail.

- Spesial offer for Ukrainian users “YouTube without interruptions” - a subscription to YouTube Premium without paying for traffic;

- smart clinic Zdorro for telemedicine consultations;

- our own online school for training data science specialists – Vodafone Big Data Lab.

In 2020, Vodafone Ukraine allocated UAH 60 mil to support the country in the fight against the pandemic, including direct financial assistance for the purchase of medical equipment and the provision of free communication services to doctors and clients.

The rapid changes of 2020 reflected in the new brand positioning. Vodafone has rethought its business philosophy, which is embodied in the new Together we can slogan and the company's mission – «Together with our customers, we develop the world»ю The essence of the new positioning is revealed in the video «Technologies and People. Together we can»


On April 14, 2021, the Vodafone UA management will be holding a conference call to discuss its FY2020 results. Please find more details for joining the conference.

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