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Vodafone <span>RED S 2015</span>

Vodafone RED S 2015

  • 2 GB internet
  • Unlimited intranet calls
  • «Music Non Stop» promo, *313#
  • 30 min within Ukraine
  • 30 SMS

65 UAH/month

2,2 UAH/day

Estimated cost of the tariff per day. Calculation method

Until 31.10.2019 you will be transferred automatically and for free to one of the tariffs that we have selected according to your communication costs. As soon as the transition is completed you will receive an SMS. If you have an active "Year without fee" service its conditions will remain in the new tariff until the end of the paid term.

Also, until 09.09.2019, you can choose any available tariff of Vodafone Prepayment by yourself. In this case, the "Year without fee" service is not saved. Money on the additional account will not be saved when the tariff changes.

Vodafone Red S, M, L 2015 tariffs are not available for new subscriptions.

Cost of service packages per month 65 UAH
Calls within Vodafone Ukraine Unlimited
Internet 2 GB
«Music Non Stop» promotion
YouTube Premium
+ Video PASS service
Calls within other networks in Ukraine
and abroad
30 min
SMS to all mobile networks in Ukraine
and abroad
30 units

To check the rest of the package (minutes, internet), dial *101*4# or in My Vodafone app

To activate services package for month correctly, you must complete all previously started internet sessions or switch your mobile phone off and on.

Cost of services over the package per month:

  • internet – 15 UAH for every 500 MB (within 10 packages);
  • calls to other networks of Ukraine – 0,50 UAH/min;
  • SMS on all mobile networks of Ukraine and abroad – 0,50 UAH/unit;
  • calls abroad – 10 min for 5 UAH (within 10 packages by the end of the day).
Useful information

If your monthly service package is ended, you can connect it personally.

Cost of service packages per month65 UAH
To switch*101*444# 

To correctly calculate the service package for a month, you must complete all previously started internet sessions.

The date of the next charge and upgrade of service packages depends on the date of package per month activation.

«Year without fees» service

Starting from 30.08.2019, the "Year without fee" service is not available for new activations in the tariffs Vodafone Red S 2015, Vodafone Red M 2015, Vodafone Red L 2015. If the service is activated before 30.08.2019, its conditions remain unchanged.

Feel the freedom of communication with "Year without fees" service. Save on monthly service package cost: pay in advance for a year and receive your monthly service package in tariff without additional payments and regular balance top-ups during 12 months.

Vodafone tariffsRED S 2015
Service cost715 UAH
Service status *365*1# 

Daily service packages in Ukraine

The cost of Vodafone RED S 2015 tariff is charged monthly based on the date of the first call. In case of insufficient funds on the account to pay the monthly fee for the service package, the following daily payments and packages are applied:

Daily rates5 UAH per day
Calls within Vodafone Ukraine networkUnlimited
Internet200 MB
Calls to other networks in Ukraine5 min
SMS to all Ukrainian networks5 units
Calls to foreign mobile numbers abroad, except mobile numbers in popular destinations (Austria, Belgium, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Hungary, Czech Republic)0,50 UAH/min
Calls to foreign mobile numbers abroad in popular destinations (Austria, Belgium, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Hungary, Czech Republic)3,00 UAH/min
SMS abroad0,50 UAH/unit

The withdrawal of a daily payment also occurs in case of a call to a list of countries and destinations for calls abroad.

The cost of services over the package per day:

  • internet – 15 UAH for every 500 MB (within 10 packages till the end of the day);
  • calls to other networks of Ukraine – 0,50 UAH/min;
  • SMS on all mobile networks of Ukraine and abroad – 0,50 UAH/unit.

Terms of use of daily services:

The monthly package fee is charged automatically. It happens after one month from the date when the package was connected (from 00:00 to 8:00).
For example, if the service package was connected on the 25th, the payment will be withdrawn on the 25th of the following month. As soon as the service package is charged, you will receive an SMS (after 8:00).
Important information: until you receive an SMS about service package activation, you will have a daily rate, ie calls, SMS and the Internet will be paid.

If on an account does not enough money to pay for monthly package service, then there is an automatically will be available daily rates with obligatory payment.
In the future, every day from 00:00 to 8:00, the system will check the status of your account and, as soon as there is a sufficient amount, will connect a monthly service package.
Important information: the date of the next package payment will be connected to new date when the monthly service package was activated. To check, dial *101*4# 


Basic conditions of roaming are applied in your tariff. Information about cost of calls, internet, SMS and profitable services you may discover on roaming page.

General information

2,2 UAH per day is the estimated cost per day in the Vodafone RED S 2015 tariff, which is determined by dividing the cost of a package of services for the calendar month into the average duration of the month: 65 UAH for 30 days. Estimated cost per day for calendar months of 28, 29, 31 days can be calculated by dividing the cost of a package of services for a calendar month for the corresponding number of days.

The bandwidth of mobile internet will be up to 32 kBit/sec after using: 5.5 GB per month or 5.1 GB per day.
Gigabytes of internet within the tariff are available for use in 2G, 3G and 4G-networks if there is technical access and coverage.

Unlimited access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter without traffic fee implies use of mobile versions of social networks — m.facebook.com, instagram.com, mobile.twitter.com (using smartphone mobile browser) and official Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter applications running on iOS or Android. Unlimited in Viber and WhatsApp applications is limited to text messaging only. Due to technical peculiarities of WhatsApp platform incoming messages may be charged. In case of using A-GPS (geolocation) in applications, downloading or following links to resources other than Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Viber or WhatsApp, as well as using browser with proxy server (e.g. Opera Mini) you may download data from external sources. In this case the data will be charged according to your tariff plan. Internet traffic generated due to smartphone access to A-GPS-servers or resources not belonging to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Viber or WhatsApp is charged according to your tariff plan. Voice and video calls via Viber and WhatsApp applications are charged according to your tariff plan.

The services per day in the tariff are available within the service "RED per day".

Customers of Vodafone Prepaid tariffs who activated monthly packed services can use app "Дія" unlimitedly from 02.21.2020.

Tariffs apply on the territory of Ukraine.

The bandwidth of mobile Internet in Roaming will be 8 kBit/sec after using up 1000 MB during 7 days exceeding package limits in Vodafone RED S, M, L 2015 tariffs with subscribed “Roam like home” service, after using up 100 MB per day in any other Vodafone RED tariff and without subscribed “Roam like home” service in Vodafone, SFR networks in France or in any network in Poland, or after using up 2 MB per day when registering in any other network.

The subscriber is informed additionally with SMS on the usage of package MBs.

Tariffs are stated in UAH including VAT and Pension fund tax in amount of 7.5% of service cost without VAT as of 14.09.2018.

The price of calls is stated for the first second of every minute of call, charging takes place at the beginning of each minute.

For the detailed information on tariffs, promotions, prices and terms of service please call:
111  — free for Vodafone Ukraine in Ukraine;
0800 400 111  — for the subscribers of other Ukrainian networks (free from any number in Ukraine).
PJSC «VF Ukraine», 01601, Kyiv, Leiptsyzka Street, 15, №1 in the Registry of telecom operators and providers.