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This service can be used by consumers of any tariff and it's in basic package of services.

Using Conference call You can unite few calls in a conference, add or delete participant to the conference, add to the conference an incoming call, make confidential talk with one of participants of the conference, make one more outgoing call and turn current conference into Hold mode, unite few conferences.

For using Conference Call You need to turn on service Call Waiting/Holding.

The procedure of a conferenceorganizing can depend on the model of Your phone. You can find a detailed description of the Conference call usage in Your phone manual.

Important! Conference call service allows You can talk with up to six different people at a time (including You).

Service cost

Calls which use multiply connections (Call Waiting/Holding, Conference call), are paid in accordance with the number of connections established.

Service management

You can manage status of Conference call service with SMS.

Checking the service status
SMS with 1 to
SMS with 2 to
SMS with 3 to

Important: service Conference call activates automatically and free for charge with tariff changing.

For full service disabling SMS with 2 to 2052

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