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These services are provided to subscribers of all tariff packages free of charge and included in the base package.

Call waiting service

Call waiting service allows to take a second call while talking on mobile phone. You will hear low-pitched beeps, meaning that someone tries to reach You. At this moment the subscriber, who just dialed Your number will hear the authoinformer: "Please wait, subscriber is busy at the moment" and can stay on the line waiting for Your answear for free.

How to connect?
How to disable?
How to check the status?

Call holding service

With Call holding service You can switch to the second line. The first subscriber will remain on the line until You return to him again. In addition, this service will allow You to dial another number during a conversation and switch betwen calls.

Possible actions:

  • If You want to immediately answear an incoming call with the current call ending, press the call button.
  • If You want to hold the person You are talking to and answear an incoming call, dial 2.
  • If You want to end the conversation and switch to the first call on hold, dial 1.
  • If You want to switch between calls, dial 2.
  • You can send "Busy" signal to the caller without answearing the received call by dialing 0.
  • If You have switched to Voicemail and You do not want to answear the call, it will be automatically transferred to Voicemail.

Call waiting service can be used with Conference Call service.

Listening to the autoinformer of the Call waiting service is free for a caller and it does not require additional activations and settings. The autoresponder will only work if there is activated Call waiting service.

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