From 20.04, the daily subscription to the Vodafone Kids Club service will be closed for new connections. For those who activated the service before 20.04, the conditions remain unchanged.

Vodafone Kids Club is an educational and entertaining service for children of all ages and their parents. Watch your favorite cartoons, read or listen to books, play interesting games without paying for Internet traffic and annoying ads!

How to use it

Download app

Vodafone Kid's Club

Or watch your favorite cartoons on the web version childrenclub.vodafone.ua

Go to

Go to the page

childrenclub.vodafone.ua with your smartphone or tablet without paying for traffic.

Send SMS

to connect with the text "1" to the number 60010 or click childrenclub.vodafone.ua/activate


access to three devices at no additional charge

Watch cartoons

read and listen to books or play games together with your kid

Connection and payment

Helpful information

Connection and payment

Service connection «Vodafone Kids Club»

To activate the service, send an SMS with the text «1» to number 60010  or follow the link childrenclub.vodafone.ua/activate

Service cost 15 UAH/week or 2.5 UAH/day

The service is provided on a subscription basis from the moment of connection to self-disconnection.
First 7 days for new users for free

Service disconnection

To deactivate the Vodafone Kids Club service, send an SMS with the text «STOP» to number 60010 (message free)
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