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Watch the newest Vodafone TV

Packages Vodafone TV

Promotion + 10GB gift


99 UAH/30 days
  • More than 140 channels of all genres
  • Access to cinema and video library
  • Pause and watch live recording
To connect:
1 SMS to 30042
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Package «Optimal»


119 UAH/30 days
  • 180+ channels, including HD quality
  • Huge library of Hollywood movies with constant updates
  • Pause and record TV
To connect:
1 SMS to 30094
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Optimal Sports Package


199 UAH/30 days
  • 190+ channels, including HD quality
  • Premium sports channel Setanta Sports and Eurosport
  • Football channels Football 1, Football 2 and Football 3 in HD quality
To connect:
1 SMS to 30096
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119 UAH/30 days
  • World premieres of TV series and films
  • TV series from HBO
  • Parental control
To connect:
1 SMS to 30030
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Vodafone TV packages that are closed to new connections

30 days
What's included
109 UAH
  • 4 football TV channels: Football 1, Football 2, Football 3 and Shakhtar TV in HD quality
  • Highlights of matches
  • Listening to radio and online radio stations
59 UAH
  • 7 sports TV channels Setanta Sports, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2, Football 1, Football 2, Football 3 and Shakhtar TV in HD quality
  • Highlights of matches
  • Listening to radio and online radio stations
45 UAH
  • Watching films and cartoons from the catalog
  • Listening to radio and online radio stations
95 UAH
  • 15 TV channels:
    TV1000, TV1000 Action, VIP Comedy, VIP Comedy HD, Sony Sci-Fi, Sony Channel, Sony Turbo, Eurokino, Kvartal TV, TV1000 World Kino, Paramount Comedy, Star Family, Star cinema HD, Epic Drama
  • Movie trailers and view movies and cartoons from the catalog
  • Online cinema: Comedy, Action, Comedy Club, Romance/Drama, Horror
89 UAH
  • Movie trailers and view movies and cartoons from the catalog
  • IVI video library with popular films
  • Listening to broadcasts and online radio stations
59 UAH
  • Nickelodeon, Pixel TV, Cartoon Network and 8 others
  • Children's library
  • Parental control
99 UAH
  • More than 40 popular TV channels
  • Movie trailers and radio stations
  • Pause and record live TV channel
59 UAH
  • Maximum music channels
  • on-air and online-radio
  • Audio tracks and subtitles
59 UAH
  • 20 educational TV channels including in HD-quality
  • Cinema BBC Earth and the Harmony of Classics
  • Pause and record your favorite programs
65 UAH
  • 8 sports TV channels
  • Cinema Top Gear
  • Recording pause and program television
119 UAH
  • More 190 TV Channels
  • 26 TV Channels in HD
  • World premieres of popular movies and TV series

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How do I start using the product?

First, install the Vodafone TV app via Play Market, App Store or Huawei App Gallery. Then register in the application using your phone number. Vodafone TV service is also available in the Smart TV application store for Samsung and LG and through the web version of the application on the website tv.vodafone.ua

How to subscribe to the service?

To activate Vodafone TV service, you need to send a free SMS with the text "1" to the number corresponding to the selected package:

How to unsubscribe from the service?

To disable the Vodafone TV service, send an SMS with the text "STOP" or "STOP" to the number corresponding to the selected package:

How to recover parental control password?

If you have not set your own parental control password, your default is 0000.

To recover your parental control password in the Vodafone TV app, please contact our support at 111 or in the app My Vodafone. You can also write to us by mail contentsupport@vodafone.ua

Who can use Vodafone TV?

The service is available to all Vodafone customers.

How many devices can be connected to one account?

One Vodafone TV account can be used on 3 different devices: smartphone, PC, tablet, Smart TV (Samsung and LG).

Will there be any traffic when watching Vodafone TV from a mobile network?

No, when watching Vodafone TV from a mobile network, there is no internet data transfer fee.

How to pay for Vodafone TV service?

Subscribing to Vodafone TV is automatically renewed. This means that the full cost of the package is deducted from the account every 30 days. If the funds in the account are not enough to pay for the package for 30 days, access is provided for 1 day. If the amount on the account is less than the cost of a daily subscription, the write-off is made at the first top-up for an amount that is sufficient to pay for the package for 30 days or for 1 day (in case of insufficient amount to pay for the package for 30 days).

Can I use Vodafone TV abroad?

You can use Vodafone TV only in Ukraine.

Is there a free period of using the service?

Yes, there is. The first 7 days of using the service are free when you first activate one of the packages: «Start», «Optimal», «Movie» and «Movie Plus».

What can you watch in the Vodafone TV app for free?

Vodafone TV offers free access to Ukraine 24. It is also free to listen to terrestrial and online radio stations.

Is it possible to watch TV channels in the recording?

Yes, for all TV channels, the archive record is kept for 7 days after the broadcast. This allows you to watch programs you have missed in the last 7 days at any time. All archived channel feeds can be found in the channel info panel.

The cost of calls is indicated for the first second of each minute of a conversation, the cost of which includes each next second of the specified minute within the conversation. Billing occurs in the first second of every minute of a call.
Detailed information on tariffs, promotions, cost and terms of service can be obtained by calling:
111  — free mobile Vodafone Ukraine in Ukraine;
0800 400 111  — for subscribers of other Ukrainian operators (free from any number in Ukraine).
PJSC «VF Ukraine», 01601, Kyiv, st. Leipzigska, 15, in the register of operators and providers of telecommunications №1.

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