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Get 4 months access to YouTube Premium

Benefits of a YouTube Premium subscription

No ads

Watch any YouTube Premium video without advertising on your mobile, computer or Smart TV.

Background mode

YouTube videos continue to play even if you open another application or turn off the screen of your device.


Save video to your device and watch it even if there is no Internet.

YouTube Music Premium

Unlimited access to music app created by YouTube

YouTube Kids

With a YouTube Premium membership, you can let your kids watch their favorite videos without paid advertisements and enable video downloading for when you're offline and on the go

The promotional price for YouTube Premium subscription for 4 months is

99 UAH/mo.

0 UAH/mo.

Benefits of Video PASS service

Video PASS

Unlimited traffic
on YouTube, Netflix, Megogo

The promotional price for Video PASS subscription for 4 months is

50 UAH/mo.

0 UAH/mo.

How to connect?

YouTube Premium subscription and Video PASS service free for the first 4 months!
Cost of YouTube Premium та Video Pass services after the promotional period

Steps to connect


You should have an activated bundle for a month


Наберіть *313# та тисніть виклик to activate the promotional offer


Отримайте перше SMS про активацію послуги Video PASS


Отримайте наступне SMS та перейдіть за посиланням для активації YouTube Premium


Натисніть «Спробувати безкоштовно» для продовження активації


Введіть дані банківської карти вашого акаунта Google та натисніть «Купити»


You should have an activated bundle for a month


Наберіть *313# та тисніть виклик to activate the promotional offer


Отримайте перше SMS про активацію послуги Video PASS


Отримайте наступне SMS та перейдіть за посиланням для активації YouTube Premium


Натисніть «Спробувати безкоштовно» для продовження активації


Введіть дані банківської карти вашого акаунта Google та натисніть «Купити»


Connecting the Promotion «YouTube Uninterrupted»

What is the validity period of the Promotion?

The promotion is valid from 01.10.2020 to 28.02.2021. The period of the promotion may change, follow the information on the website

What tariffs are available for participation in the Promotion?

Vodafone Prepaid Tariffs: 
Device М, Device L;
SuperNet Start, Pro-1, Pro, Unlim, Turbo (2019);
Family Plus, Family;
SuperNet Start, Pro, Unlim (2020);
Unlim 3G, Unlim 3G Plus;
4G Smart XS, 4G Smart S, 4G Smart M;
RED S, M, L (2015);
Light +;
Joice - Note: in the tariff, only a free YouTube Premium subscription for 4 months (with auto-renewal) is available for connection, as Video PASS service is included in the basic content of the tariff by default.


Vodafone Tariffs of Contract Form:
Device 4G
Red Light, S, M, L, XL, XXL;
Red S +, M +, L +;
Subscribers only 
Red Business XS, S, M, L;
Red Business ULTRA L;
Red Business XS, S, M, L і ULTRA L - Note: in the tariffs, only a free YouTube Premium subscription for 4 months is available for connection (with auto-renewal).

I’ve bought a new Joice starter bundle with Video Pass enabled. Do I need to connect anything myself?

In Joice tariff, Video PASS service is already included in the service bundle according to the tariff conditions and does not require connection. We recommend you to become a member of the Promotion now and activate YouTube Premium for 4 months for free. Dial *313# or go to My Vodafone application - “YouTube Uninterrupted” section - click on “Connect” and wait for the SMS with further instructions for connecting.

Can I take part in the Promotion one again?

You can take part in the promotion only once. Check the details in the rules of the Promotion on this site.

How to deactivate the Promotion?

You need:

  1. To deactivate Video PASS service – *313*3# or in My Vodafone («My services»–click on Video PASS–«Deactivate»).
    Wait for SMS confirmation.
  2. To deactivate the subscription for YouTube Premium – go to your YouTube profile, section «Paid subscriptions», click «Unsubscribe».

YouTube Premium Subscription

I’ve already got YouTube Premium subscription. Can I connect 4 months of YouTube Premium as a gift?

According to the global policy of YouTube in all countries, a subscription for 4 months can be obtained only by the client who does not have valid or previously issued paid and free subscriptions to YouTube Premium, YouTube Music or Google Play Music. 

We recommend you to connect only Video PASS service for free for 4 months and use unlimited traffic on YouTube, Netflix, Megogo.

What devices can YouTube Premium subscription  be used on?

On all devices on which YouTube service is available, under the condition that the login will be made from the current account on which the subscription is activated.

Types of devices:
- Mobile devices
- Devices connected to TVs
- Music streaming devices
- Browsers

Details here.

Is YouTube Premium available for Google Play Music and YouTube Music?

Yes, it is. YouTube Premium subscription includes access to YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Kids, and Google Play Music. But while using Google Play Music service, you consume traffic according to your tariff.

More about YouTube Premium and the benefits of subscription here.

What is the cost of YouTube Premium after 4 months use for free?

After free term of YouTube Premium use expires, the cost of use is:
For Android & iOS users UAH 99/month.

Subscription can be deactivated at any time. To do this, go to your YouTube profile, section “Paid Subscriptions”, click “Deactivate the Subscription”. 
Learn more about subscription management as well as family and student tariffs here.

I can not connect to YouTube Premium

A subscription may not connect if:
1. You previously used  free or paid subscription to YouTube Premium, YouTube Music, or Google Play Music.
2. If you are an iOS user, we recommend you to repeat the request within 48 hours after the activation of the tariff so that you can get the correct link to activate your YouTube Premium subscription.

In all other cases, we recommend contacting YouTube support and describing your situation to the operators They will be able to see detailed information on your profile.

How to contact YouTube Support?

YouTube mobile app:
1. Select your profile picture in the YouTube mobile app.
2. Select Help & feedback.
1. Navigate to the paid memberships section of
2. From this page, click on your profile picture.
3. Select Help.
4. Select Need more help?

YouTube Music:
1. Select your profile picture in the YouTube Music mobile app or on
2. Select Help & feedback.

The funds were deducted from my credit card after YouTube Premium subscription was activated, although it was indicated that the first 4 months were for free.

This is a necessary process of the bank card verification and authorization. Do not worry, the funds will be returned to the card in a few hours, depending on your bank.

Video PASS Service

I ‘ve already got Video PASS, can I take part in the Promotion?

In this case, you can enter a combination to participate in the Promotion *313 #  and Video PASS will reconnect for free for a period of 4 months followed by a paid extension.

What is the cost of Video PASS after 4 months use for free?

For the 5th month, the cost will be 50 UAH/month (for Android and iOS). The day before the end of the free period, you will receive an SMS warning.

How to deactivate Video PASS service?

You can deactivate the service by:

  1. Dial *313*3#
  2. In My Vodafone app («My services»–click on Video PASS–«Deactivate»).

When you say "Unlim traffic for YouTube, Netflix and МЕGOGO" ... It really will be unlimited traffic without using megabytes from my tariff plan?

Yes, when PASS services are activated you will receive unlimited traffic in the specified apps excluding some technical traffic that may be charged, for example:

  • Broadcast advertising during video playback
  • Pop-up ads and sponsored links displayed in applications
  • External links and navigation to other websites, programs, news, blogs, maps, etc.
  • Podcasts
  • RRS channels
  • App updates
  • Video and other content posted on other websites and opened through the application.

For the correct functioning of unlimited services, it is recommended to monitor the balance of the main bundle and use additional traffic bundles, if necessary.

General Information about Promotion «YouTube Uninterrupted»

What is «YouTube Uninterrupted» Promotion?

This is the Promotion from Vodafone in cooperation with YouTube, in which all current and new customers of Vodafone network get the opportunity to connect YouTube Premium subscription and Video Pass service for 4 months for free, followed by a paid extension. Detailed rules for using the Promotion by link.

Conditions for participation in the Promotion "YouTube Uninterrupted":

- Be a customer of Vodafone network;
- Be a customer of the promotional tariff;
- Have a paid monthly bundle in the tariff;
- Enter the combination to connect *313# or go to My Vodafone app - “YouTube Uninterrupted” section - click on “Connect” ;
- Receive the further connection guide in SMS.
- For current Vodafone subscribers: If your phone supports the use of two SIM cards, in this case the Vodafone card must be primary and active for at least one day.

Promotion period: from 01/10/2020 to 28/02/2021.

The territory of the Promotion is the whole Ukraine, except for the temporarily occupied territories and the territory on which state authorities temporarily do not exercise their powers or do not fully exercise them. Please carefully read all the conditions on the site, details - at
PrJSK "VF UKRAINE", 01601, Kiev, st. Leipzigskaya street 15 in the register of operators, telecommunications providers No. 47.

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