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A special tariff for calls

  • Calls to Russia from 0,50 UAH
  • Free connection

from 0,50 UAH/min

Activate service My Vodafone

The cost of calls within the activated «Special tariff for calling abroad» service:

MTS Russia
0,50 UAH/min
Beeline Russia
3 UAH/min

The connection fee of 2 UAH is charged during every call to Russia within «Special tariff for calling abroad» service.

«Special tariff for calling abroad» service is valid only for calls to Russia to the numbers of mobile operators in Russia: MTS and Beeline. Depending on your tariff plan, the basic terms and conditions of Vodafone Ukraine tariffs will be applied for calls to other destinations in Russia.

MTS and Beeline operator codes:

+7900335–7900344, +790205–790208, +7902200, +7902203–7902209, +7902241–7902243, +7902315–7902319, +790234, +7902352–7902354, +790252, +7902553–7902559, +7902710, +7902712, +7902717, +7902746, +7902747, +7903, +790462, +7904700–7904707, +7904726, +7904727, +79047299, +7904735–7904739, +7905, +7906, +790835, +7908364, +7908375–7908379, +7908435–7908439, +790844, +790845, +7908460–7908464, +790852, +790853, +790856, +790896–790899, +7909, +791, +7930095, +7933001–7933013, +7933034–7933036, +795023, +7950668, +7950880, +7950888, +7950889, +795093, +7950940–7950944, +795100–795102, +795320–795322, +796, +79780, +797810–797814, +797820–797822, +7978255–7978259, +797826, +797827, +79787, +79788, +798, +7980999, +7983888, +7983999, +7986667–7986673, +7994026

Service management:

To order the service
Turn off the service
*600*495# *600*495*1# *600*495*0#

«Special tariff for calling abroad» service is connected free of charge, fee for using the service doesn’t charge. You only pay for the calls that have been made.

Additional information about «Special tariff for calling abroad» service:

  • «Special tariff for calling abroad» service is available in all Vodafone Prepaid tariffs, except Vodafone Device  and Vodafone Express tariffs.
  • If you switch to another tariff «Special tariff for calling abroad» service will remain in case of its availability in a new tariff plan.
  • «Special tariff for calling abroad» service is provided on a permanent basis at the point of its activation and deactivation by a customer or the switch to a tariff where the service is unavailable.
  • If both services «Unlim abroad» and «Special tariff for calling abroad» are active in case calls to Russia conditions of «Unlim abroad» service will be act at first.

Tariffs apply on the territory of Ukraine.
The price of calls is stated for the first second of every minute of call, including each successive second of specified minute within conversation. Call rates are charged per first second of each minute.
Tariffs are stated in UAH including VAT and Pension fund tax in amount of 7.5% of service cost without VAT as of 27.02.2020.
The minimum tariff validity date is 30 days from the moment of its connection.

For the detailed information on tariffs, promotions, prices and terms of service please call:
111  — free mobile Vodafone Ukraine in Ukraine;
0800 400 111  — for subscribers of other Ukrainian operators (free from any number in Ukraine).
PJSC «VF Ukraine», 01601, Kyiv, Leiptsyzka Street, 15, №1 in the Registry of telecom operators and providers.

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