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Roaming is available

400 MB

40 min

  • Profitable roaming in Poland and Russia for 7 days
  • The package minutes for calls
  • MB package for using Mobile Internet
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GigaRoaming Max

3 GB

  • Profitable 10-day roaming
  • 3GB for communication 
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GigaRoaming Maldives

1 GB

  •  Roaming for 7 days
  •  1 GB for communication 
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How to avoid unexpected tariffication

1. In case you don't plan to use mobile internet while roaming, you can turn it off. Dial *600*12# or in My Vodafone app (Services – Available services – Roaming – "Forbiddance of mobile internet in roaming" service).

If after disconnecting you want to use the mobile internet in roaming again, dial *600*13# or in My Vodafone app (My services – "Forbiddance of mobile internet in roaming" service – Deactivate). After that, you will need to restart your phone.

To check "Forbiddance of mobile internet in roaming" service, *600*14#
Pay attention, in case of activation "Roaming like home", "GigaRoaming" ,"GigaRoaming Max" services "Forbiddance of mobile internet in roaming" service will be disconnected.

2. Deactivate all kinds of redirections in your phone please send the USSD request:

USSD requestType of redirection
##21#fredirection of all incoming calls
##61#call redirection if no response
##62#redirection in case if the subscriber is unavailable
##67#redirection if phone is busy

If you want to cancel all previously established redirections (conditional and unconditional), you must send the USSD request ##002#  or use the phone menu.

3. Deactivate the "Voicemail" service, dial *283*0# or send SMS with 0 to 283, or in My Vodafone app (Services – Available services – Useful services – "Voicemail" – Deactivate).

Deactivate the "Voicemail PLUS" service, dial *284*0# or send SMS with 0 to 284, or in My Vodafone app (Services – Available services – Useful services – "Voicemail PLUS" – Deactivate).

Roaming service

All Vodafone Ukraine subscribers can use international roaming service. Depending on possibilities of the roaming partner's network, roaming services may be different. On some networks, you can receive and send SMS and receive incoming calls. In others, receive and send SMS, receive incoming calls, and make outgoing calls.

To make outgoing calls in roaming you need to dial numbers in international format:
+ or 00 <city code/mobile network code><city or network code><subscriber number>

For example, to call Vodafone subscriber to Ukraine, dial: + 380 50 XXX XX XX, where:

  • + or 00 – buttons on the phone keypad;
  • 380 – international code of Ukraine;
  • 50 – Vodafone network code;
  • ХХХ ХХ ХХ – subscribers phone number.

Please note that if you stay in roaming for a long time more than 90 days in countries abroad, mobile operators in the host country (roaming partners) may block roaming services use in accordance with the current legislation of this country.
To resume using the services in roaming, you will need to go through a special registration, which may be paid.

How to activate roaming

Subscribers of Vodafone Ukraine Prepaid service don't need to activate international roaming service. It is necessary to have the amount of funds in the account sufficient for using roaming services depending on the country and the tariffs for roaming services in the host country.

If you are Postpaid subscriber, make sure your international roaming service is open by dialing *110*51# or call to contact center.

In case you are a new Postpaid subscriber, or a subscriber who uses Vodafone Ukraine services for less than 6 months — you may activate the international roaming service in Vodafone Ukraine store
Subscribers that use Vodafone Ukraine services for more than 6 months and pay bills in time, may activate the international roaming service by calling to contact center at numbers:
111  — free of charge from Vodafone Ukraine mobile numbers in Ukraine;
0800 400 111  — for the subscribers of other Ukrainian networks (free from any number in Ukraine).

We advise you to add an additional amount to your account to prevent your number from being disconnected while traveling. Roaming rates are higher than local, so calculate the amount of money, accordingly to the planned amount of conversations and the duration of Your vacation.

Account replenishment in roaming

To check your account in roaming in all countries and networks, please dial:

  • in case you are Prepaid Vodafone Ukraine subscriber*101# (free of charge);
  • in case you are Postpaid Vodafone Ukraine subscriber*110*10# (free of charge).

To replenish an account in roaming with replenishment voucher dial: *100*secret code of replenishment#. You can buy replenishment vouchers only in Ukraine.

Replenishing an account in roaming using Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard payment cards of any bank of Ukraine is available at: www.vodafone.ua/pay or in My Vodafone app

Roaming internet features

Before traveling abroad, please check:

  • the activated "Mobile Internet" service;
  • sufficient balance on your account;
  • the APN: internet access point entered in the mobile phone settings;
  • tariffs and "Mobile Internet" availability in visited country;
  • check if your smartphone and SIM card support 4G (LTE) in roaming: dial *222# or go to https://4g.vodafone.ua.

Please note that the smartphone can auto-update the apps installed (for example, weather forecast, online games, etc.) and software without your permission. Kindly remind you: you will be charged at roaming rates applied in the country you are visiting.

To avoid the roaming charges, the following can be deactivated in your smartphone:

  • automatic software/app update;
  • data transfer.

Additional information about the disconnection of "Mobile Internet" in roaming you may find in section: How to avoid unexpected tariffication

The information — how to avoid an automatic software/app update in your smartphone, you may find in the manufacturer’s website or in user manual for your smartphone.

PrJSC "VF Ukraine" doesn't take responsibility for software installed on the user equipment by the manufacturer or directly by the user.
Thanks to the contracts with roaming operators operating in 3G/4G networks, PrJSC "VF Ukraine" customers are able to use the data transfer service at higher speeds that allow to get high-speed "Mobile Internet" access. Please note that the high-speed internet consumes more data and hence, therefore the payment for the used data volume will increase.

The "Video Call" service is not available for the PrJSC "VF Ukraine" customers.

Foreign guests of the PJSC

Outgoing call in Ukraine

You visit Ukraine, chose the network of "VF Ukraine" PRJSC, and would like to call to subscriber with a Ukrainian telephone number — dial the number in an international format (the tariffication corresponds to the local call in Ukraine):
+ <country code> <the area or network code of Ukraine without a prior zero> <phone number>.

For example, to make a call to Odesa – Ukraine, dial: +380 482 ХХХ ХХХ , where:

  • + — a sign used in mobile GSM phones to change the international access code from any country GSM standard use;
  • 380 — the international code of Ukraine;
  • 482 — Odesa city code;
  • ХХХ ХХХ — subscribers phone number.

About tariffs to roaming calls within Ukraine, please contact your home operator.

Outgoing call outside Ukraine — an international call

You came to Ukraine, chose the "VF Ukraine" PRJSC network, and would like to call to subscriber who is outside Ukraine — dial the number in the international format (the tariffication at the same time corresponds to an international call outside Ukraine):
+ <country code> <area/network code> <phone number>.

For example, to call to San-Francisco, dial: +1 415 ХХХ ХХ ХХ, where:

  • + — a sign used in mobile GSM phones for changing the international access code from any country;
  • 1 — code of USA;
  • 415 — code of San-Francisco;
  • ХХХ ХХ ХХ — subscribers phone number.

About tariffs for roaming calls outside Ukraine, please contact your home operator.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Ukraine and in the "VF Ukraine" PRJSC network!

How to call the contact center from another country?

Contact us for a telephone consultation in roaming:
+380500400111  — call is free of charge.

Or you may contact with chat operator.

+380 500 400 111 – support number of subscribers (free for mobile Vodafone Ukraine in roaming)

Мandatory legal information

To successfully connect and disconnect services in roaming, you must first disconnect data services in your phone.

The speed of іnternet in roaming will be 8 Kbit/s after using over 2 000 МB per day within using іnternet in more than 100 world"s countries of basic Vodafone tariffs in roaming. Interval of calculation every іnternet session in roaming – 100 Kb. Every incomplete 100 Kb are calculated as complete. The use of packet subscriber MB additionally informed via SMS.

The price of calls is stated for the first second of every minute of call, including each successive second of specified minute within conversation. Call rates are charged per first second of each minute.
The tariffs are specified in UAH including VAT and Pension Fund tax, which is 7,5% of the services cost without VAT, as of 03.04.2021.

For the detailed information on tariffs, promotions, prices and terms of service please call:
111 — free for Vodafone Ukraine in Ukraine;
0800 400 111 — for the subscribers of other Ukrainian networks (free from any number in Ukraine).
PJSC «VF Ukraine», 01601, Kyiv, Leiptsyzka Street, 15, №1 in the Registry of telecom operators and providers.

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