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Zillya! Internet Security for Android – antivirus with a convenient and simple interface, will protect Your smartphone from viruses, malicious sites, UAI'aplevich contact, loss of personal information, and optimizes and accelerates operation of the device.

12,75 UAH. per month including VAT and PF

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  • Advanced protection for Android users.
    a Full-fledged antivirus which will provide easy protection of active users of Android-devices. Additionally contains modules for Optimization and Acceleration of the system. Special feature is the advanced functionality of the protection devices from cyber threats the opportunity for professional and security settings.
  • New opportunities for information protection
    Product from antivirus company Zillya! there is a new powerful modules, which are designed to significantly expand the possibility of creating a cyber security system devices and provide the owner of the instruments of control and protection of important confidential information.
    • Anti-theft
    • WEB-filter
    • Blacklist
    • Parental control
  • Contemporary design and architecture
    Zillya! Internet Security for Android is a good example of creation of the Ukrainian program, which has a modern appearance. In fact, in addition to the required functional safety, it is very important component of antivirus is “clarity” of its interface and design.
    the Visual design of the program created in the spirit of the latest trends and colors of the modern programs for mobile devices. In addition, design offices Zillya! managed to create the original structure of the product that made it easy to use and pleasant visual perception.



Provides comprehensive protection from cyber threats thanks to these modules and tools:

  • Scanner - scans and removes malware and harmful files;
  • Autopilot – automatically checks applications installed on your device;
  • Planner - allows you to schedule regular scans of the device at a specified time.

Allows you to clear the cache-memory phone and performs the following operations:

  • Remove unnecessary files;
  • Delete temporary files;
  • Delete the file caches (special type of phone memory, which is responsible for passing data to the processor.

Unloads some applications from RAM and stops a number of unimportant processes to speed up the phone and extend the battery life.

The acceleration module will significantly extend the autonomous operation of the device, and will also make working with a smartphone or tablet much more comfortable.


This module provides security for the data stored on the smartphone in case of theft or loss of your device. One of the interesting features is the ability to make secret photo from the camera of the stolen phone to get a picture of the thief, and the ability to lock the device.

These and other functions are implemented through remote management, receive and change information on the gadget.

So, with the help of the module of protection against theft, the owner has the ability to:

  • to identify the location of the device
  • lock device
  • deliver a signal to the device
  • push and remotely rotate the device to factory settings (deleting all information)
  • send a secret photo from the camera to the controlled device
  • lock the device in case the SIM card is replaced
  • to control the device via SMS commands

All the manipulation, which enables the module can be accessed through the portal my.zillya.com

WEB filter

The need for enhanced protection of the device while surfing the Internet is implemented in Zillya! Internet Security for Android using a WEB filter. This module allows you to block access to phishing and other malicious sites. It should be noted that the list of dangerous sites, which the Internet filter relies on in its work, is automatically updated several times a day.

For more convenient use of the module, the developer has implemented the ability to connect a WEB filter to all browsers based on Chrome and all types of internal OS Android browsers.


An important component of information security of smartphones is the ability to control calls and SMS messages. This is the new antivirus implemented the so-called “blacklist”.

This is a module that allows the owner to block receiving SMS and incoming calls from unwanted recipients, which are determined by the user. The contact to the blocking list you can add from the address book, call log or by entering manually.

Feature of this module is checking SMS received from blacklisted callers, on phishing links and their subsequent blocking.

Parental control

Very often, access to tablets and smartphones, in addition to direct adult owner, and have minor, or it is this category of people belongs to the device. In order to protect young users from dubious information and undesirable actions on the Internet there is a module called "Parental control”, which is an integral part of Zillya! Internet Security for Android.

the module is built on the principle of blocking unwanted sites in certain categories. It should be noted that Parental control can block online shopping, and visiting websites that contain the following content:

  • dating sites
  • gambling games
  • games and chat
  • for adults
  • social networks
  • online shops
  • the torrent

it is Worth noting that the mechanism of blocking unwanted resources as follows: the module performs the test site according to the list in the app. In the future, if the website was not found, the validation will occur on the server of the company Zillya! to clarify the relevance of the data security.

it is Important that to avoid unauthorized changes in “Parental control” developers have the option of creating a password for entry to the module. This allows you to change and manage the settings of only the owner password.

Системні вимоги

System requirements

System requirements

Zillya! Internet Security for Android works on Android OS versions 4.2 and above.

Places to device memory: 12 MB.


For devices running Android 4.4.4 and above cannot be guaranteed proper functionality of the lock SMS via features of the operating system. However, the SMS will be checked for malicious links.



What is it?

Service "Zillya Anti-Virus!" allows Vodafone subscribers to use Zillya anti-virus software! and protect your Android OS mobile device from malware.

How to enable/disable

To use the Service "Zillya Antivirus!" You need to send an SMS with the number 1 to the number 7227. In response, you should receive an SMS from the number 7227 with a notification about the service connection, as well as a link to the application on Google Play.

The service includes the following protection components:

  1. Antivirus
  2. Anti-theft
  3. Blacklist
  4. Web filtering
  5. Optimizer
  6. Accelerator
  7. Parental control
  8. Supported OS Android OS 4.2 +

Connection (activation) Services “Antivirus Zillya!”, carried out after sending an SMS with number 1 to number 7227. Then we offer a free trial period of 14 days for subscribers who first subscribes to the service.

On the 14th day after Service activation “antivirus Zillya!” the Subscriber will receive an SMS with a reminder about the end of the test period.

On day 15, if the subscriber has not disabled the service will receive SMS with the activation code in the format XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXX) to be entered into the program to activate the program. To do this, run the program Zillya! and go to the LICENSE tab, click ENTER ACTIVATION CODE. Enter the activation code (XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXX) and click Activate.

Service “antivirus Zillya!” is Connected at the initiative of the subscriber. If during the day the subscriber did not initiate disconnection of service, it means the expression of consent of a subscriber to continue to use the Services of “antivirus Zillya!”. Billing services occurs when a positive balance account of the member advance method of settlements, and provided that payment for the service will not lead to an excess in the number of border credit to subscribers with a credit method of payments.

To disable the service called "Antivirus Zillya!” Perhaps by sending an SMS with the text "STOP" to the short number 7227.

After disabling the services, the effect of the installed software is suspended. The caller must delete the app from your smartphone or tablet.

How much

The cost of the "Zillya Antivirus!" for a subscriber with an advance payment method — 12.75 UAH. per month including VAT and PF (for 1 license). If subscriber has insufficient funds for payment of services of "Zillya Antivirus!” for the month, then attempt to remove the license fee for one week in the amount of 2.98 UAH with VAT and PF.

Service cost “Zillya Antivirus! for a subscriber's credit calculations — 12.75 UAH. per month including VAT and PF (for 1 license).

Features pricing

Incoming / outgoing Internet traffic when going to the site http://antivirus.vodafone.ua download Zillya! with Google Play, as well as Internet connections with the Zillya! when using the Service "Zillya Antivirus!" charged according to your tariff plan.

Service "Anti-virus Zillya!" It is provided when the subscriber is in roaming and is charged according to the current tariffs for communication services provided to Vodafone subscribers in roaming.

Service "Anti-virus Zillya!" Starts charging after the end of the test period monthly / weekly / daily at the beginning of the current day. Service "Anti-virus Zillya!" Not provided if it is impossible to withdraw the subscription fee. The installed software is suspended, the functionality is not provided (Anti-Virus, Anti-Theft, Black List, Web Filter, Parental Control) until the account is replenished and the next subscription fee is withdrawn.

The Main Characteristics Of The Functionality Of Zillya!

1. Antivirus - will provide full protection against cyber threats thanks to the following modules and settings:

  • Scanner – will find and remove malicious software,
  • Autopilot – will automatically check new apps and their updates for threats
  • Planner – will let you schedule the regular scanning devices
  • Regular automatic updates of virus databases allows always antivirus to detect actual threats.

2. Anti-theft - protects your phone from theft or loss by:

  • positioning and locking device
  • alarm on the device
  • remove all the on-demand
  • send a secret camera
  • lock device in case the SIM card is replaced
  • control the device via SMS commands

Control is carried out through the portal: my.zillya.com

3. Black list - ability to block calls and SMS from selected contacts.

4. Web filter blocks the transition to phishing and other potentially dangerous sites.

To provide the most reliable protection of the database of malicious sites is updated several times per hour!

5. Optimizer - frees up space for personal data (photos, videos, documents) by clearing the system of junk files, cache on internal memory and SD card.
The module works at the level of the best world analogues.

6. Accelerator – would help if the phone runs slow and battery discharges quickly. Unload applications from RAM pam'memory to boost system performance and extend battery life.

7. Parental control - ability to block categories of sites:

  • gambling games
  • social networks
  • adult content
  • dating sites
  • games and chat
  • online shops
  • the torrent

Also implemented is the ability to set a password to enter the module.
By activating the Zillya Anti-Virus! Service, the subscriber thereby confirms his acquaintance and agreement with the rules for the provision of the service and accepts them.

Technical support

If you have any problems with the Zillya Antivirus! Service, call the short number 7227 (on weekdays from 9.00 to 18.00) or send a written request (surcharge).

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