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Voicemail main menu by number +380501200000 or 284 
  • listen to new voice messages - press 1;
  • listen to saved voice messages - press 2;
  • change personal settings - press 3;
  • go to the personal voicemail of another number in the Vodafone Ukraine network - press 4;
  • leave a voice message to another Vodafone Ukraine subscriber - press 5.
Initial service settings

After connecting the service, forwarding to voicemail will take place if your phone is switched off or you are out of network coverage.

In addition, you can set up call forwarding if your number is busy or when you do not answer. To do this, set up call forwarding to +38 050 120 00 00  according to the instructions for setting up call forwarding.

The initial settings that you can easily change by going to the 3 voice menu item are as follows:

  • the language of communication is Ukrainian.
Listen to messages

To listen to messages from your voice box, you must:
Within Ukraine:

Beyond Ukraine:

Note! Subscribers who are in roaming, in the presence of conditional call divert to Voice Mail, will pay dual rate – for incoming call in roaming + for call divert, that is, an outgoing call to Ukraine.

In order to avoid unnecessary expenses, while in Ukraine, turn off the "Voicemail" service by dialing *283*0# or send SMS with 0 to 283, or in My Vodafone app (Services - Available services - Useful services - "Voicemail" - Deactivate).

Voice messages recording

If your mobile phone is switched off or you cannot answer the call, the call will be switched to voicemail.

The caller will hear auto answer “The subscriber is unavailable. Please call again later or leave a voice message after the beep sound” after which the beep will sound and the message will be recorded.

If the caller does not drop the call within 7 seconds of switching to voicemail, he will have a connection to voicemail, which will be charged for him as a regular call according to his tariff plan.

Informing about a new message

You will learn about the receipt of a new voice message by SMS, which indicates the date, time, phone number of the person who left it.

When calls from abroad and in some other cases the phone number of the one who left you a voice message cannot be identified or detected incorrectly.

The Voicemail message is saved for 24 hours.

The Voicemail box can be kept at the same time no more:

  • 5 messages

Maximum length of one message:

  • 120 seconds
A voice message to another subscriber Vodafone Ukraine

Subscribers to Vodafone Ukraine you can leave a message to another user of the services “Mail” (only Vodafone subscriber) by entering a formula 284 and the number in international format (for example, 284380501234567). Upon completion of recording a voice message, you need required’sure to press the hash (#sign). Thus, You can easily and quickly leave a voice message without having to make additional calls.

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