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Download app GOOD'OK

Download app GOOD'OK

Set your ringtones through the portal

Set your ringtones through the portal


Send SMS or call 700

Send SMS or call 700

Cost of a call to number 700: 0,10 UAH/min

billing starts from the 13th second

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Helpful information

Connection and payment

With GOOD'OK service, you can choose and set melodies or phrases that will be played instead of the usual monotonous signals when people call your number. Instead, they will hear the melody that you chose (melody meaning a fragment of music audio track with or without lyrics, or jokes, skits, audio greetings, etc.).

GOOD'OK website offers you thousands of popular tunes, hilarious jokes, fragments of soundtracks from movies and cartoons, and voices of famous people.

GOOD'OK service is very convenient and simple: you can use it on any model of a cellphone without any additional settings. All subscribers of Vodafone Ukraine can use GOOD'OK service

You can order a melody:

  • by calling the short number 700 
  • by sending the code of the desired track in an SMS to the number 700 
  • ordering a melody in the Personal Area on the site goodok.vodafone.ua
  • installing the mobile application GOOD'OK on your smartphone, available on the Play Market and the App Store

In addition, with the help of GOOD'OK service the subscribers of Vodafone Ukraine can give other subscribers of Vodafone Ukraine melodies or jokes, which will replace the standard connection signals!

How to set up?

The user of the "GOOD'OK" service can set the following rules for playing a melody or sound effect:

  • For all or only one subscriber.
  • To a group of friends or colleagues.
  • For a certain day.
  • For the time of day or night.

To set the above rules, you need to use the prompts of the voice menu by calling 700 or make changes in the site in the "My melodies" section.

How to use the service?

Activation "GOOD'OK" service is free of charge and occurs automatically after the first order of the melody by the subscriber.

Having ordered the first melody, you automatically activate the "GOOD'OK" service.

Also, the first ordered melody in your "Personal Account" is automatically set to be played on all incoming calls.

To refuse the GOOD'OK melody that the subscriber has is possible as follows:

  • Send the command ENDXXXXXXXX in the SMS text to number 700, where XXXXXXXX is the melody code. The melody code can be found in the "Personal Account" or in the "My melodies" section on the GOOD'OK website.
  • Call 700 and in the "Personal account" section ("Personal account" is located in the main menu in the "Agreement" section, in which you need to press key 1) select the "Delete melody" command.
  • Or through the "Personal Account" on the GOOD'OK website.

Access password to the "Personal Account" for managing the "GOOD'OK" service on the GOOD'OK website.

You receive an SMS from the number 700 when you activate the GOOD'OK service. If you have forgotten your password, you can also restore it through the GOOD'OK website.

You can send a request to deactivate the GOOD'OK service as follows:

  • Send off command in SMS text to number 700
  • Call 700 and, guided by the prompts of the voice menu, select the section "Disabling GOOD'OK service".

Together with the deactivation of the "GOOD'OK" service, all GOOD'OK melodies will be deleted from the "Personal album" of the subscriber. After disconnecting the "GOOD'OK" service, the subscriber will hear standard connection signals during incoming calls. The "GOOD'OK" service will be disconnected within 24 hours from the moment of receiving the disconnection request.


Depending on the tariff set for the GOOD'OK melody, the cost of ordering the melody is one of the following tariffs: UAH 0.10, UAH 0.25, UAH 0.30, UAH 0.50, UAH 1, UAH 2, UAH 3 UAH 5, UAH 7, UAH 9, UAH 11 or UAH 12 (with VAT excluding PF).

Payment for ordered melodies for the next period of use is carried out in accordance with their cost. Payment occurs automatically according to the established period of validity of the melody to self-rejection of the melody. If your account does not have enough funds to purchase or continue “GOOD'OK” for the full period of validity, 1 UAH will be debited from your account (with VAT excluding PF), regardless of the cost of the melody for a period of 1 day. If later, after replenishing your account, there are enough funds on your account, the ordered melody will continue for the entire period for the full cost to self-refusal.

You can find out about the validity period of your melodies by calling 700 in the "Personal Account" section. The subscriber can refuse to prolong the melody and order a new melody for the subsequent period. The cost of a call to number 700: 0.10 UAH / min, billing starts from the 13th second.

All tariffs are indicated with VAT, an additional 7.5% of the pension tax is charged. Sending SMS to number 700 is free of charge.

For subscribers in roaming, an additional fee is charged for sending an SMS message in roaming, according to the roaming tariff zone.

Service rules:

  • The melody will be played to the subscriber who makes the call only if the called subscriber is available and free.
  • The melody is always played in the state before the answer, that is, after the melody is played, the fee is not charged. According to the existing standards, the call is charged only after the called subscriber answers.
  • If the subscriber (subscriber of the service) is busy or unavailable, the melody is not played: the subscriber hears standard signals indicating the state of the subscriber (beeps "busy" or an autoinformer phrase announcing the subscriber's unavailability).
  • The service is guaranteed to be provided only for incoming calls from subscribers of all Vodafone Ukraine tariff plans.
  • The operator has the right to set a different period for the use of melodies, informing the subscribers about it.
How to copy a tune?

Heard an interesting melody - copy it yourself! For this you can call 700 (the call is possible only when you are roaming in the network of PJSC «VF Ukraine”), to know what the tune is set for the Subscriber from whom you heard a melody that you like, and order one for myself. To set the melody you have just heard from another subscriber, follow the instructions voice numbers 700 or visit the web site GOOD'OK the section called "Copy GOOD'OK

How to give a tune?

To give a melody via SMS:

  • You must select your desired ringtone from a Catalog of tunes on the web GOOD'OK " and the code of this tune.
  • Send SMS-message to the room 700 the format: presentXXXXXXXX <space>number, where XXXXXXXX — eight-digit code of the melody; the number of the recipient — is in the format 38 <a three-digit operator code> <a seven-digit number>; <a three-digit operator code> — this is one of those codes: 050, 066, 099, 095
  • Example SMS message to the number 700: present00100001 380501001111.

Gift ringtones using voice service number 700:

  • You must call 700 and choose the corresponding item in the main menu — “Gift & copying melodies”.
  • Guided voice menu prompts, you must choose your desired ringtone and enter the number of the subscriber you want to give the selected tone.

The dialing format of the subscriber must enter the 38, then enter the three-digit area code and seven digits of the number.

an SMS message about the gift coming to the caller's phone number, which ordered melody as a gift.

The cost of the song you bought as a gift for another subscriber PJSC “VF Ukraine” , to be paid by the subscriber who orders the gift. Cost ringtones as a gift you pay only once the gift was received within 24 hours, another person whom this gift was intended. To do this, the subscriber accepted the gift, must send SMS confirmation number 700 in the format: yes <code>. To refuse a gift, the subscriber needs to send SMS-message to the room 700 in the format: no <rejection code>.

Rate of the tone as a gift equal to the cost of the usual order of melody depending on the selected melody. You can always check the value of the corresponding ringtones ringtones Catalog on the web site GOOD'OK.

The service is available only to subscribers, who connected to the service GOOD'OK.
Subscribers whose service is GOOD'OK "is not connected, you need to make the first order of any tunes GOOD'OK and connect free service GOOD'OK, then a donation of any song from a catalog of GOOD'OK" will be enabled.

How to connect a melody in exchange for the bonuses?

Connect ringtones GOOD'OK for bonuses is the ability to set a ringtone from the category of ‘GOOD'OK for bonuses” instead of the usual hooters in exchange for 150 points accumulated in the loyalty program of Vodafone Bonus.
To connect GOOD'OK in exchange for bonuses for 7 days to obtain a promotion code through the mobile app or My Vodafone USSD request:
*777*2*530#  - for subscribers Prepaid
*110*885*44#  - for contract subscribers.
Details: bonus.vodafone.ua/GOOD'OK

How to connect a GOOD'OK in exchange for the awards via the website:

  • select the desired ringtone from the category of ‘GOOD'OK for bonuses” on the website goodok.vodafone.ua
  • enter a valid promotional code in the active field on the card ringtone click «Order»

If You were logged into your account on the website goodok.vodafone.ua
order ringtones must enter Your phone number and verification code which will be SMS to the specified number.
After a period of use GOOD'OK in exchange for bonuses (7 days) will be automatically charged the value of the corresponding ringtone to the moment of abandoning it.

How to connect a GOOD'OK in exchange for bonuses via SMS:

  • select the desired ringtone from the category of ‘GOOD'OK for bonuses” on the website goodok.vodafone.ua
  • locate the 8-digit code of the ringtone card ringtones send SMS in the following format to the number 770: XXXXXXXX <space> promotion code , where XXXXXXXX is the 8 digit code of the melody that is present on the card tunes.
    Example SMS message to the number 770: 00100001 10101010.
Special offer "Happy Hours" (Happy hour) - tunes at a reduced cost

In the period of validity of Special offers “Happy Hours" (‘Happy hour") subscribers can purchase songs at a reduced price. The cost of any tunes ordered through the Windows services will be UAH 1.00 (including VAT and PF). The melody will be active for the standard validity period. The continuation of the ringtones bought in the period of Promotional offer will occur at full cost tunes under the standard period of pricing.

Special offer available using:

Up and Giving melodies in the period of validity of Special proposals is carried out on standard cost tunes.

Get free ringtones in a Secret section through the Voicemail service number 700  :

when ordering any paid ringtones from any section by calling the short number 700  , the subscriber gets access to the Classified section, a genre which matches the genre, which was ordered paid melody.

Subscriber has the opportunity to choose any of the suggestions in this Secret section ringtones for free for 7 days. The continuation of the melody obtained by the subscriber in the Secret section will occur for the full value of the melody according to the standard billing period ( 3 UAH including VAT without PF for 7 days).

Access to the Secret section will be open to the subscriber such number of times what number of paid melodies he will order, by calling the short number 700  and to those chapters in which he will order.

In the case that the connection is terminated before receiving your free ringtones, the ability to persists until the next call to the short number 700 .

Change melody

In the personal cabinet of the subscriber may use the function of replacing tunes, in this case, his album will be deleted the installed melody and replace it with selected. Payment for chosen replacement tune will happen for the full value of the melody according to the standard period of pricing. The cost of remote tunes are not refundable.

Voice offer of GOOD'OK service

When an incoming call with the number 345, the Caller listens to a sentence GOOD'OK and using the voice menu prompts can set yourself a hit tune that will sound instead of the monotonous dial tone.

Incoming call from number 345 is not charged.

Available for all phone models without any additional settings. The call is possible only when you are roaming in the network of CJSC «PF Ukraine”

The cost of the order ringtones free for the first 7 days, then 3 UAH. with VAT and without PF for every 7 days to self-denial.

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